23 December 2006

From my home to yours

Wishing you all the very best holiday season ever!

17 December 2006

A Little Weirdness

Okay. So I was tagged by both Ann and Vanessa, but I'm only doing 6 weird things, not 12! ;)

“THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

1. I absolutely hate mayonnaise. I can't even stand the sight of it. But I'll eat almost any other food.
2. I love Star Trek in all its incarnations. I even used to play Star Trek as a child.
3. I always sleep with my feet out of the covers.
4. I find a movie that I like and I watch it over and over, even quoting the dialogue in conversation (like A&E's Pride and Prejudice).
5. I love 80s music.
6. I won't watch the classic movie "Gone with the Wind" because I loved the book so much that I just want to remember the characters the way I imagined them.

Oh, and I'm tagging Lisa, Sheila, Arleta, Nathania, Scout and Del. :)


14 December 2006

Da Winnaaaaa!

Thank you all so much for the great entries! I got some much needed laughs. :)

It was difficult to decide, so in the end, I had to break the tie and put in a vote for the one I felt most captured Remy's (aka Dr. Destructo's) personality.


"I wonder if Mom knows what a cool swirly design the yarn makes when you flush it?"


So congratulations Denise! Please email me with color choice and your address - my email address is in my profile - and I'll get your Venezia kit together and out the door to you!

In other news, I've been tagged by Ann and Vanessa, but I'm only going to come up with 6 weird things about myself, not 12! More tomorrow. I'm taking a little time off tonight. :)

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11 December 2006

It's a contest! (or "ask and ye shall receive")

Lolly suggested a caption contest for the cute kid pic. Doh! Of course! So here he is again:

What is Remy thinking?

Let me know in a comment by midnight PST, Wednesday December 13th. The winner (decided by a secret panel of judges with bizarre senses of humor) will get a kit to make 6 Venezia napkin rings:

from the current issue of Knitty! You choose: green, blue or red! Kit includes silver wire, beads and dowel to shape them!

Bring on the captions! :)

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10 December 2006


First things first: thank you all for the great comments and notes you sent about Venezia! It's a really fun and quick little knit and the wire is surprisingly easy on your hands. I hope you all try it out! :)

A few days ago, I won a contest over at Cozy's Place (I love that name) by guessing Del's birthday: Dec. 12! And what an awesome prize! Look!

It's a copy of Yarnplay (I love Poppy, the cover sweater) and two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. When I received it, it was beautifully packaged in my favorite colors: green and purple, and she had written the nicest note! Now I guess I'm going to have to knit some socks. You have to understand...my first sock experience was for my husband, and I've never recovered: size 13 on US 0 dpns. And he likes them ribbed all the way up. Three skeins of Jawoll. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. But maybe I'll knit myself a little something this time. Like Pomatomas. I love that pattern!

Thank you, Del! And Happy Birthday!!!

On to my birthday report. A little late, but nonetheless, I have tales to tell!

It was the best birthday I have ever had. I really mean that. First, my husband made me his specialty: seafood paella. I wish I had had the presence of mind to snap a picture before we all dug in, but alas, my brain was lost in the shuffle! Added to that: oysters on the half shell. Yum! They were Hog Island, fresh in from Point Reyes. I lovelovelove oysters. And a dear friend baked me a birthday cake! How cool is that?! It was made without eggs and milk, since my littlest one is allergic to dairy and eggs. (If anyone wants the recipe, let me know; it's a good one!) She had written happy birthday and added flowers on top. I was very impressed by the penmanship (icingmanship?). She'll have to teach me how to do it one of these days! (Please?) So after paella, we all dug in together! :) And then I dug into the presents! :)

Before I go on here with the following yarn and book gluttony, you must know that I have been on a serious yarn and book diet for a little over a year. I'm a bit embarrassed at my riches here!

I got Weekend Knitting:

And those are some cool little wooden cable needles. I love this book. I want to do the Kristin Nicholas chair cushions. I am a huge fan of hers. I love her color sense.

And I got Victorian Lace Today:

It is so totally and completely gorgeous! I love this book. There are so many knittable patterns in it, and they all look so wearable the way they are photographed. I had to do a reality check on a couple of them (no, Rosemary, you don't look good in ruffles!) to keep myself from a cast-on mistake. I plan to do the cover stole in the purple misti alpaca laceweight that a kind friend of mine gave me yesterday (I love stretching out my birthday!). And she gave me Scarf Style, because I think I may have been the last person on Earth not to own it!

And look at this:

Do you know what it is? It's a Bohus knit! *drooooooooool* This one; it's called "Guld":

You can see it here, but it is a little difficult to navigate to the photo! It is dyed by expert dyer Solveig Gustafsson and you can find more out about them here. You really can't appreciate the amazing beauty of this yarn from the picture. It is just incredibly decadent! I was (and am) completely overwhelmed by it!

And, of course, no birthday would be complete without feeding my addiction to Kidsilk Haze (aka Kracksilk Haze, the drug of choice):


I was so completely pampered. What a day! It was fabulous. :)

And last but definitely not least, this picture is for a special Auntie and Uncle:

Remy sends kisses! :)

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08 December 2006


The new Knitty is up and with it, my first ever published pattern, the Venezia napkin rings!

There's a story behind the name, and you can read it here. These are really easy to knit. In fact, this is my first time knitting with wire and beads. I am hooked. :)

Someone was asking about making this into a bracelet. I had originally thought to do a bracelet as well, but I don't think the wire would withstand the wear it might get on your arm without crushing and losing its shape. Okay, I'm actually thinking of myself. I tend to...er...be hard on jewelry, so I always try to make my stuff Rosemary-proof. But stand by! I am working on another solution. :)

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06 December 2006

Scout's Martini

Breaking news: Dude! She sold 11! How'd that happen?! ;)

Well...here's my story. Scout asked me to design a pin for something special she's up to. A martini pin.

How cool is that?! Both of us completely loved how it came out! So I'm doing them for her to sell exclusively in her shop. Right now she's pre-selling ten to be shipped out before Christmas. Go get one before they're gone gone gone!!!

btw, I hear her cosmos are amazing. :)


I won! I won!

The lovely and talented Del had a contest to guess her birthday and I won! Wooo! Thank you so much, Del!

Now, of course, I have to pass it on (the good juju, not the awesome prize! *g*) and have a contest myself. Stay tuned!

And...stay tuned for the birthday report. It was the best one ever! I was thoroughly pampered. :)

02 December 2006


Dec. 3 edit: 1-2-3 Happy birthday to me! :)

Hey! One of my pins is in the new issue of Knit.1! Wooo! It's a great issue, too, and the first full-sized one. Look!

That's it, my sterling heart pin on the bottom right! There's all sorts of cool stuff in this one. It's the love issue, and it is really well done and very inventive. :)

Onward.... When I finished Tokyo (by Hanne Falkenberg) last year, I had a ton of left-over yarn. So I decided a hat was in order. Of course I wanted it to go with my jacket, so "Toque, Yo!" was born. Hee. I admit, my downfall (well, one of them) is puns. And I know this is a bad one. Forgive me? Please? :D

Here's the hat (and the jacket). I love the way it came out.

I did Meg Swansen's jogless jog for joining the stripes on the top of the hat, and they came out perfectly:

Perspective view:

I *heart* this hat. As soon as I get it all written up, I'm sending the pattern out to a few friends to test knit and then I will offer it to others out there with left-overs from Falkenberg kits!

Note: I am a *huge* Falkenberg fan. Aren't her designs amazing?!

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