08 December 2006


The new Knitty is up and with it, my first ever published pattern, the Venezia napkin rings!

There's a story behind the name, and you can read it here. These are really easy to knit. In fact, this is my first time knitting with wire and beads. I am hooked. :)

Someone was asking about making this into a bracelet. I had originally thought to do a bracelet as well, but I don't think the wire would withstand the wear it might get on your arm without crushing and losing its shape. Okay, I'm actually thinking of myself. I tend to...er...be hard on jewelry, so I always try to make my stuff Rosemary-proof. But stand by! I am working on another solution. :)

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Blogger mle said...

They are absolutely beautiful! Very creative.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Pink Dandelion said...

I was looking at all the patterns in the new knitty... it wasn't until I scrolled through the pattern to the designer bit at the end and saw "Designs By Romi" that I realized "Hey! It's her!!"

They're lovely! I've wanted to try wire knitting for some time now...

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Lolly said...

Oh, those are exquisite, Rosemary! Your creativity just astounds me. :-)

4:36 PM  
Blogger AR said...

Very nice!! I saw your pic with that pattern, and it was like finding out someone I know is famous! Hehe

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are soooooooooooo pretty (because adding vowels makes it sincere:D)

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Silvia said...

Congratulations on your lovely napkin ring pattern. I'm thrilled to find it - something wonderful to do with all those beads I'd been "collecting".

8:03 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

Those are amazing! Also, I didn't realize until I clicked through to your blog that you're the woman I bought a shawl pin from for my mom for Christmas! You're a very talented lady.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Dove Knits said...

Had to drop by from Knitty and let you know that these are beautiful. I love your pins, too!

10:34 PM  
Blogger Romi said...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments! Hope you enjoy. :)

11:26 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Congratulations on your published pattern. The napkin rings are just lovely.

3:48 AM  
Blogger lill4my said...

I lovelovelovelovelove the napkin rings!!! I've been hooked on knitting w/ wire and beads from the handknit holidays votive sleeves! You're napkin rings are so delicate and gorgeous, and excellent job on the pictures!!! Too bad I won't have time to knit them as presents for the holidays! With a set of crisp linen napkins it would be an awesome present!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Kath said...

Those are great! Congratulations!

3:43 PM  
Blogger vanessa said...


9:25 AM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

Thanks for your beautiful pattern and making a wire knitting convert of me! This stuff is truly addictive!


12:21 PM  
Blogger del said...

I haven't checked out Knitty yet (but will as soon as I finish blogrolling) but Venezia is gorgeous! Just utterly, beautifully creative.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

Rosemary, what a great pattern. These would make an excellent housewarming gift!

5:43 AM  

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