28 January 2007

Actual Knitting Content

Yes. It's true. Today you will see a real finished knitted object. I can't show the last two things I worked on (not yet anyway), but here's one that I finished knitting a couple of months ago. I finally put the last few touches on it and photographed it. It's a choker made of wire and beads, with a ribbon woven through the middle:

And a couple more beauty shots:

I'm writing up the pattern almost as we speak! And when it is finished, I will post it here. :)

In other news, things are ok. Yes, they are. And getting better. Many thanks to my wonderful wonderful friends. Now I have to go before I get all gushy. ;)

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24 January 2007

The Gate

Several people have written and asked about the gate in Venice that inspired my Venezia napkin rings pattern in Knitty. To be honest, all I knew was that someone had told me it sounded like the gate to the Guggenheim Collection. I had googled and googled but was never able to find a picture. Then Diana wrote to me and said that it sounded like the Peggy Guggenheim Collection gate. She sent a picture. Yes! That was it! So with my new found information, I googled again and found this. Scroll down a few reviews and you will see a picture of the full gate. Then Diana was kind enough to allow me to use pictures she and her husband had taken on a trip to Venice! They show close-up views:

Isn't it amazing? You should see it in person. It is breathtaking. I told you those napkin rings were a (very, very) small homage! Thank you so much, Diana, for letting me use these!

I really wanted to thank everyone who took the trouble to write and talk about the gate. My mother (we took the trip together) and I never knew exactly where it led. I almost dialed her number in excitement before I realized that she is gone now; she died in 2005. It was wonderful being able to share it with those of you who know and love it as well. I felt like she was back for a small moment in time, and was just as she had been on that trip.


23 January 2007

When in wine country...

I've told everyone I live in wine country, right? No? Well, I do. :) But I never thought of doing this:

until a woman whose daughter owns a winery asked me to make her a custom wine glass shaped pin. And then I had one of those duh moments! Isn't it cute?

It's not up on my site, but should it be?


22 January 2007


Guess what? I received my very very first hand knitted gift the other day. A pair of socks! And it is my very very first pair of hand knitted socks. Because, you see, after knitting socks for my husband's size 13 feet on US zero needles, I was less than motivated to knit any for myself. But now my feet feel loved. And really, I think they feel much better because someone special gave them to me. :) Aren't they beautiful?!

*sigh* Thank you, oh beneficent sock knitter!

16 January 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Life. (cue violins) It sometimes gets in the way of blogging. I don't even know where to start with everything that's been going on, so let's just say that my family and I have been living in "interesting times." You know what I mean? Like the old curse. Bleah. Nonetheless, we're still here! :) We have each other, we're in fairly good health, we have the most wonderful friends in the world, and my business has been doing well. But my husband could use all the good juju and happy thoughts you can muster!

I also wanted to thank everyone who's been leaving nice comments. I love it! :)

So here's what I've been working on:

It's an update of a wine label I did. It's great wine made by a little family winery on Howell Mountain in Napa County (I didn't do the website). And they are the nicest people.

I do have to mention that a very dear knitterly friend of mine gave me a kit for the A Line jacket from More Sweaters that I have wanted to make for quite a long time. She is totally da best. I can't wait to have enough brain to start this gorgeous thing. And I have to say that the fact that a lamp fell on my head today is *not* helping!

Anyway, the above link goes to a picture of Sandrine in her finished jacket, and those of you who have not seen her absolutely amazing gallery should take a few moments. Her knitting is *incredible*!

Well, off to make some more pins. :) I missed y'all!