31 December 2012

Monday's Musing

"All you need is love." - John Lennon

I think that about says it all. ;)

We are happy to be celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another here at Chez Romi, and we're wishing you all joy, prosperity, love and good health in the coming year!


24 December 2012

joy of the season

Wishing you peace, joy and love.

The happiest holidays to you and yours!

17 December 2012

monday's musing

Just full of exhaustion today, and sadness that I have run into an adult in a position of power who uses that position to manipulate children (mine included) unfairly. Completely unacceptable.

“I am easily satisfied with the very best.” - Winston Churchill

So take note, world: as tired as I am, I'm going to keep working on the kid issues until equity is achieved. This week would be a good time. :)


13 December 2012

getting naked with knitspot

I first met Anne Hanson at TNNA in Long Beach. It was my first TNNA, and I had not yet made the switch from graphic artist to full time fiberista. I didn't really know what to expect, and I was fairly overwhelmed. Anne and I had only corresponded before, but she came into the lobby, recognized me, and greeted me as a long lost friend. I will never forget that moment; I relaxed and felt at home immediately, even in the face of all that yarn and fiber, and all those people. Anne is like that. She's warm and intelligent and welcoming and gracious. She kept telling me to chuck it all and pursue my fibery dreams full time. (I'm thinking she was right.) And today when faced with a situation where I'm trying to decide what to do, I often think WWAHD (What Would Anne Hanson Do)? She inspires me: to be a kinder person, to be a better designer, to be more open. I hope you all get a chance to meet her one of these days, perhaps to take a class or chat.

But I'm sure you're wondering about the naked part, right? I feel lucky to have spoken with Anne about her BareNaked Knitspot Club before it even began. We were at another TNNA, and we were fondling naked (undyed) yarns. Anne has a background in textiles, and it's very cool to watch her feel the fibers and judge the "hand" of different yarns. She said she was thinking of doing a club that was exclusively undyed yarns and wondered if people would be as amazed by the different fibers, natural colors and options as she was. Yes yes yes, I said! We fondled some more. TNNA ended. We went home. Months passed. And all of a sudden I saw that she and Mr. Knitspot had come up with this fantastically cool club. You can read about it here and here. 2012 was the first year, and since it was so successful last year, Anne has decided to do it again in 2013!

So. What can you do? Go. Check it out. Lovely yarns, a range of Anne's great patterns.

Mr. and Mrs. Knitspot do it right.


12 December 2012

want some?



Coming soon: shawl 3 from Home is Where the Heart is!

All for Love of Yarn, Dawn Pink and Coyote Trail. At Jimmy Beans!

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10 December 2012

monday's musing

I dwell in possibility
A fairer house than prose
More numerous of windows
Superior for doors.
-Emily Dickinson


03 December 2012

monday's musing

"It's only those who do nothing that make no mistakes." - Joseph Conrad 

I love this quote. :) I've always found Conrad's work to be fascinating, and today learned that we share a birthday with Katarina Witt, Daryl Hannah, Anton Webern, Alicia Sacramone, Anna Chlumsky, Brendan Fraser, Julianne Moore, Anna Freud, and Ozzy Osbourne. Among others. :) Happy birthday to us! (I was having some fun with the "On this day" app.)

Enjoy your week everyone! Make it a fabulous one.