21 April 2014

monday's musing

“You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.” - unknown

This is something for me to work on every day. I consistently ruin my day by worrying about the future.

Which brings me to this year in general.

Those of you who've ever worked on a truly large project will know what I mean when I say it eats you alive for a year (or more) and then spits you out, hopefully none the worse for wear. But it's tough on the way through.

That's what writing a book is like. And my upcoming book for Interweave is something I want to be very proud of, so I am putting everything into it.

That means I might not get back to you quite as quickly as I might otherwise. Even though I was working on them before I signed the contract with Interweave, other patterns might be a little late - like 7 Small Shawls Y4 and Oddments installments. I might miss a few deadlines...because I cannot miss my book deadline and because I will do the best possible job I can on everything. I am not a halfway person.

I'm asking for your indulgence for now. I will do whatever is humanly possible to finish everything on time. But I don't think it's quite going to happen this year, so...fair warning y'all. I hadn't really been planning to do a book, but we all got talking and it was just too good to pass up. Even though there was no time at all to do it in, and all of my commitments were already fixed in place. Sometimes, there is no really good time to do something important, but you want to do it anyway. :)

I hope you'll love it.


19 April 2014

egg hunt

Get ready for my 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

This year is a little different, but I think it's more fun, because everyone can win at least a free pattern without trying too terribly hard. :) 

eta: Grand, First and Second prizes are gone but the Third prize code is still hidden in my pattern page photos for you to find!

Here are the specifics:
I will be uploading pictures of Easter Eggs into my pattern pages on Ravelry starting later this afternoon (Saturday, April 19). These pictures will have codes in them for prizes! Starting at 9pm EDT this evening (4-19), the codes will go live and you will be able to use them! Some of them are single use (so make sure you find it first!), and some of them are multiple use codes. I realize that this is an international community, and apologize for bad timing for some of you; that's why everyone will be able to get at least a free pattern. The codes will expire at 10am EDT Monday, April 21. There is nothing to stop you from getting more than one of the codes. IOW, you could snag both the Grand Prize and a free pattern. Here's a list of prizes! 

One Grand Prize: a single use code (meaning it can be used only once and by the first person who types it into their Ravelry cart and completes their purchases) for $30 to my Ravelry pattern shop (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time)
Two First Prizes: a code (that can be used by the first two peeps to type it into their Ravelry shopping carts and complete their purchases) for $20 to my Ravelry pattern shop] (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time)
Three Second Prizes: a code (that can be used by the first three peeps to type it into their Ravelry shopping carts and complete their purchases) for $10 to my Ravelry pattern shop (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time)
Unlimited Third Prizes: a code for $6.50 to my Ravelry pattern shop, which will cover the price of most any of my small shawl patterns. In other words: use the code and get a free pattern or get $6.50 off a larger purchase; one use per person (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time)

We've dyed the eggs and taken the pictures, and now it's time for the count down! Are you ready?


12 April 2014

spotlight: desert peach

It's spring here and the desert peach is in bloom.

That makes it a perfect time to take a look back a year to 7 Small Shawls Y3: my collection of patterns celebrating beautiful northern Nevada along the eastern slope of the Sierras, Specifically, the Desert Peach pattern....

Loosely based on traditional Faroese shaping, Desert Peach starts up top, instead of the bottom edge.

A leaf panel flows down center back, surrounded by blossoms on either side, and ending in a picket fence with edging picots. The pattern has both charted and written instructions.

Originally knit in Swans Island Fingering Weight Merino, Raspberry colorway, Desert Peach is currently available as part of a special yarn bouquet from Jimmy Beans, featuring a limited edition Orchid colorway. Laura (Jimmy) at Jimmy Beans sent me one, and I had great fun on photo safari with it! Here it is, looking lovely with Desert Peach all folded up nearby.

The Orchid colorway just glows in the sunlight beside Desert Peach blossoms.

The Swans Island is a lovely yarn: perfect for lace. Even though it's merino, it keeps a block beautifully. I thoroughly love this yarn and the special color is absolutely incredible! I couldn't resist the pull to decorate with my bouquet. 

I just want to add that - if you haven't already looked through Jimmy Beans' selection of bouquets - you absolutely must! It's such a fantastic idea for gifts to yarn lovers. I've always loved cut flowers, but they last so little time. And as amazing as chocolate is, it does have some caloric side effects. That's why yarn is so perfect. Everyone needs lots of fiber in their diet. Right?

So go! Grab a bouquet while they last! It's a perfect springy gift to someone you love, including yourself. And with that, here is the ever important cowboy boot cheesecake pic,

and a little local talent from the shoot.


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01 April 2014

monday's musing

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” - Brandi Snyder

Sometimes it's difficult to remember that.


25 March 2014

monday's musing - late again

"Keep calm and carry on." - UK Ministry of Information poster from WW II (never distributed)

I need this.

I've been needing this. 

I think I'll order a poster for every room. And mugs. And.... Such is the extraordinarily myopic year of one's life while in the midst of book-writing. Because really...being overwhelmed is not a tragedy, is it? It's a fantastic project, and I am lucky to be able to work on it. And if the Brits can keep a stiff upper lip during something actually incredibly serious, then so can I - as the knitting needles click and the deadlines loom.

Right? :)


17 March 2014

monday's musing

"You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood."
"What mood is that?"
"Last-minute panic." 
- Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson


04 March 2014

monday's musing - (very) late edition

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus." - Alexander Graham Bell

Sorry to be MIA! I've been traveling about meeting wonderful people and petting yarn. Life is good. :)