26 March 2016

good egg hunting!

Get ready for my 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Like last year, I've split up the hunting into three different start times! :) 

Here are the specifics:
I will be uploading pictures of Easter Eggs into my pattern pages on Ravelry starting later this afternoon (Saturday, March 26). These pictures will have Ravelry shopping cart codes in them for prizes! Starting at 9pm PDT this evening (3-26), the codes will go live and you will be able to use them if you can find them! After the initial run of prizes has been used up, codes will go live again at 10am PDT tomorrow morning (3-27), and then again at 7pm PDT tomorrow afternoon (3-27). I've split them up so that there are several more chances to win this year. Some of the codes are single use (so make sure you find them first!), and some of them are multiple use codes. I realize that this is an international community, and apologize for bad timing for some of you; that's why I've split everything up this time into 3 huntsThe codes will expire at 10am PDT Wednesday, March 30. There is nothing to stop you from getting more than one of the codes. IOW, you could snag both the Grand Prize and a free pattern.

Here's a list of prizes that will be available at each time that the codes go live! Beware! Codes and placement of pics will change!

One Grand Prize: a single use code (meaning it can be used only once and by the first person who types it into their Ravelry cart and completes their purchases) for $30 to my Ravelry pattern shop (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time)
Two First Prizes: a code (that can be used by the first two peeps to type it into their Ravelry shopping carts and complete their purchases) for $20 to my Ravelry pattern shop] (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time)
Three Second Prizes: a code (that can be used by the first three peeps to type it into their Ravelry shopping carts and complete their purchases) for $10 to my Ravelry pattern shop (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time)
50 unlimited (because I feel like it!) Third Prizes: a code for $6.50 to my Ravelry pattern shop, which will cover the price of most any of my small shawl patterns. In other words: use the code and get a free pattern or get $6.50 off a larger purchase; one use per person (this needs to be used all at once-in one purchase; you can't use it a little at a time). Note that this is a single use per customer coupon, so there is one free pattern per person across the 3 hunt times.

eta: All Easter eggs will be removed from my pattern pages at midnight PDT on Easter.

We've dyed the eggs and taken the pictures, and now it's time for the count down! Are you ready?

07 December 2015

monday's musing

"Never ask the tight-rope walker how he keeps his balance. If he stops to think about it, he falls off." - Terry Pratchett

I am putting one foot in front of the other, and each day I am getting closer to my goal of finishing up my projects. I will not think about how to do it, or how much time each task will take. I will merely DO. And finish.


30 November 2015

monday's musing

"Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius

Last night I had a terrible dream, as sometimes happens when I am feeling stressed. Right now, as we are coming to the end of the year, there is so much to do. And I need to be spending time and emotional energy with the kids. Enough said there. I want to clone myself. 

But along comes a horrific dream that leaves me with the reality that it's all so simple. As a dear friend of my mother's used to say to me: "where there's life, there's hope." Everything else is so small in comparison. This week, I will work to remember that.


23 November 2015

monday's musing

"What I dream of is an art of balance." - Henri Matisse

At this time of year, I always get lost in the final mad dash to the last day on the calendar. This year, I am working to enjoy the time and find balance. Not really to do less, but to take joy and fully participate in all the many tasks ahead. Because I think I may actually finally have learned that I love to be busy and doing too much. 
This week, while knitting on deadline and working to catch up on everything, I am feeling the incredible joy of planning a Thanksgiving meal, in particular for a certain young foodie whose most favorite holiday involves the deep satisfaction of sharing good food with his family. I didn't always find happiness in doing the expected; I've worked to understand just how fortunate I am to have things expected of me by my loved ones. How empty life would be without any expectations at all.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


09 November 2015

monday's musing

"Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional." - Liz Vassey 

This is my meditation and my goal. This week, I will work to notice, take pleasure in, and be grateful for all of the small pieces of my life. The lovely fresh smell of sagebrush in the cold winter air, the incredible quiet of a snowfall, the smile of a loved one, a gentle sunset, a soft pillow, a perfect woolly swatch. Laughter.

Small bits of beauty. Everywhere.


02 November 2015

monday's musing

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." - William Morris

And that is so very true. In my adult life, I've worked hard to take pleasure in the small things that make up the process of every day life. This is my biggest failing: being too concentrated on the goal, and not enjoying the journey enough. When I am running around like a crazy person, I often forget that life happens every moment, and that every moment is an opportunity to learn something new, or experience something in wonder, or appreciate a small but beautiful detail. When I forget to do this, life becomes less vibrant and beautiful, and my days take on the feeling of never-ending monotony, rather than being the celebration they should be. Mindfulness and meditation are important to my inner being and to my feelings of centered-ness or not-so-centered-ness.

This morning, I was covering a button and thinking about the little details and how very important they are to the whole. So today, I will try - every moment of the day - to recenter myself with the details of daily life. I will work to feel gratitude for my good fortune, and consider each trial as an opportunity to grow stronger. And however many times I fail, I will begin again one more time.

What makes you feel centered? Do you practice mindfulness? Do you meditate? Do you have a morning ritual that prepares you for the day? I'd love to know!

Just a quick note: today is the last day of my anniversary sale! For 19% off in my Ravelry pattern shop, use code


at checkout. Enjoy!!

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06 July 2015

monday's musing

“Prejudices are what fools use for reason.” - Voltaire

I'm baaaaaaack! And centering myself ever so slowly again after a wee bit of vacation. Have a fantastic week everyone!