13 September 2011

Looking back

Before I get to reminiscing, look at the pretty yarnz that came in the mail today!
They're from String Theory, one of my very favorite dyers. Cookie A introduced them to me. Yum! They're for a fun little secret project that I hope you will love! We are also talking about a sweater's worth of yarny goodness for a Burnham Wood cardi. I think we have a winner here!

Onward. :) Today, as I was going through my stash - I like to pet and drool at intervals before choosing yarn for my next project - I came upon an old UFO. Not just any UFO, but a beaded shawl design in lace weight silk. I was about halfway through my Faroese-inspired Muir Triangle when I gave it up. It was unwieldy and the chart was different almost every row. Actually, looking back, I don't think any two rows - other than the purl rows - were the same. In this pre-charting software era of my designing, I had actually taped together sheets of graph paper into 20 x 30 size and written out the whole chart in pencil, not really considering how I was going to get the behemoth into pattern form for knitters!
At the time, I definitely wasn't anywhere near as experienced with lace knitting as I am now. My obsessive side stuck to a concrete plan of 4 increases every right side row for a triangle, no matter what the cost in chart misery. Now I can look back and laugh at myself. After having knit so much lace in the intervening time, I realize that lace is one of the most forgiving knitted fabrics. Two increases or 6 now and again, rather than 4 on every single right side row don't really make much of a difference after blocking. But for the ease of working the pattern? Rearranging increase rates on a chart can be the difference between pages and pages of charts that are difficult to memorize, and two or three charts that are repeated and so very memorable and simple to work. That's one of the big things I've learned over the past few years. Now when I design a pattern, I am constantly thinking of the ease of working it, and how it flows. That's why, even though this is a pretty pattern, I am going to rip it out. The yarn and beads are perfect, but the pattern? Not so much. I wouldn't perpetrate it on any of you poor unsuspecting lace knitters out there. At least not until it's been completely redesigned and rewritten. Yes, there will still be a Faroese-inspired Muir Triangle. But by the time it comes out, it will actually be enjoyable to knit!

Ooh! Before I forget - tomorrow I will be posting prices for 2012's Pins & Lace Club, and I will be opening the first round of sign-ups on the afternoon of September 15th. The options are changing and I think you'll like them! Stand by!!

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Blogger Rudee said...

Well as a knitter, I appreciate the effort you put into design. I look forward to this pattern.

Oh...pretty yarns!

9:15 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

You remembered that we wanted a Burnham Wood Cardi!! And in String Theory no less! ♥

4:34 AM  
Blogger Finnsmydog said...

Triangular Muir!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:21 PM  

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