12 November 2013

just bee

Today as I was about to kill a bug on the window, I noticed that it was an amazing color of deep iridescent teal. I stopped, of course. It wasn't the housefly I thought it was. But I couldn't figure out what it was, and even our three resident fly fishermen couldn't identify it.

Leave it to the Queen of Google (me): a halictid bee - now outside. Did you know bees came in so many colors? I had absolutely no idea. And now I shall be thankful it didn't sting me.

eta: I couldn't stop thinking about that color!
Top skein: Enya Sock from Saffron Dyeworks. Bottom 2 skeins: Rockpile High Twist Sock from Royale Hare. Both: yum.



Blogger Allison said...

YOU are a troublemaker! <3

8:47 AM  
Blogger Terry B. said...

Well, I'll be darned--we had those here a few years ago, dancing around the lavender bushes. (They may have come this year, too, but we were too busy to notice; must change that!) Thank you for going to all the trouble of identifying them; can't wait to impress the hubs. :o)

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Jo said...

Wow! You actually one upped the fly fishermen. I'm impressed! The yarns are yummy.

11:27 AM  

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