31 October 2013


I've uploaded my Carson Throw pattern!
All of you who were subscribers to my 3rd year of 7 Small Shawls (Home is Where the Heart Is) will already have gotten it as an update to your eBook. It's a bonus!
It's warm and snuggly.
The slipped stitch pattern makes it extra thick.
My sample is knit with 5 colors of Ecological Wool from Cascade, and 1 shade of Eco+.
The Edging has an openwork lattice pattern.
The pattern has a formula for working with your own colors,
or you can follow the specific instructions to knit the sample as shown.
The finished product is a whopping 86 inches in diameter, big enough even for Mr. Romi! And the formula will allow you to make your own up to a 94 inch diameter. It's a big hit at our house!

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Anonymous Candace said...

Hip hip hooray! I will be working on this all through the fall in anticipation of our frosty Kentucky Winters. Thanks, Romi

11:30 AM  
Blogger Monika said...

It's beautiful! I see one in my future!

1:16 PM  

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