13 October 2013

a brief history

I came back from Atlanta this past Monday evening. I had a wonderful time there, teaching for the AKG. Southern hospitality is truly amazing! :) The wonderful ladies from the AKG picked me up from the airport and took me to dinner, but I was a little out of it, and didn't get pictures that first night. The next day, Wendy picked me up and took me down to see Sugarfoot Yarns (don't you love that name?) where she works.

Marianne met us there and we were very silly.

Wendy showed me her Pulelehua. Isn't it lovely?

And I spotted a Caret in the store.

I wanted to find something local, and I made a little purchase. Isn't that sweet, the way the bag is done up?

From the bag: my Appalachian Baby Designs cotton. Super soft and lovely. And local-ish.

And a not-so-local zipper pouch that I couldn't resist!

We had a lunch of southern food (well, really I was the only one eating southern). Yum!

The next day, it was off to teach. I loved the fun sculpture in the room! 

We were all concentrating hard.

I taught 5 classes over 3 days, and I enjoyed it so much! I had terrific students. The last day, Nurse Ratched (um, I mean Marian) introduced me for Lace Surgery (if you look closely at her right hand, you'll see she has a giant hypodermic). Too much fun!

Diana showed me her fantastic socks. They are a traveling pair and were knit on by many different people. Love them!

The students gave me gifts: stitch markers and a needle threader (yes, there's a story behind that). So kind. :)

Eve gave me some of her gorgeous Fiber Charmer yarn in delicious green.

And a stunning red.

We had sushi and other delectable food. Atlanta has some amazing restaurants!

We visited Needle Nook, where I purchased some gorgeous Malabrigo. The colors are absolutely lovely.

On my last night, we had Thai food (that's Diana and Brenda

and Eve, and Marian and Wendy).

And Brenda gave me a ball of qiviut (I made her promise she really doesn't like green before I would take it). It has been petted quite a bit! (I think it likes its new home in Nevada.)

And I met a knitter at the Salt Lake City airport. 

And then I was home. And what had seemed like a long stay (before I went) was actually so short! But so much happened, and I had such a wonderful time. I will remember all of you Atlanta ladies always, and hope to see y'all again soon! Thank you so much, AKG! What a terrific time! I hope to see lots of you at Stitches West!

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What a wonderful write up. You can tell that everyone had a fabulous time!

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