25 September 2013

answering a few clubbing questions

A few answers to your Pins & Lace Club questions! :)

First of all, I've been asked about the double yarn option and how large the project will be using a single skein of yarn. The double yarn option will enable you to make a very large shawl. The single skeins of yarn for last year's club ranged in yardage from 765 to 1050, and each pattern came with the regular sized shawl directions (as pictured) plus an option to knit a larger sized shawl. All the shawls that you see on Ravelry for my clubs - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (this one is currently incomplete) - are similar in size to the regular-sized shawls that will be presented for 2014 as requiring one skein of club yarn.

Second, payment options! I've had a few questions about the payment plan on my 2014 Pins & Lace Club, so here goes! I am using PayPal's "Bill Me Later" option, so - if you elect to use that plan - you will be selecting the option during checkout. I just checked the terms it provides and read that there are no interest charges when a balance of $99 or more is paid in full over a 6 month period of time. The offer is subject to credit approval. I think PayPal is really wanting to make this option more popular, and so it seems to be a really great deal! That all being said, if you experience problems with it, please do let me know and we will see what we can do to work things out. As with anything new to me, there's the possibility of it going a bit awry! I'm really excited about this plan though, because it seems to offer a terrific service now integrated with PayPal, and I do love PayPal. Additionally, you can pay with a credit card without opening a PayPal account if you would prefer that, and I have also had club members who have requested to send a check or pay via credit card over the phone. This is totally fine, so if you would like to do that, just let me know!

Third, there are some who have contacted me and are unable to get to their computers for various reasons when the sign-up periods go live. Remember that there are two, but if neither of those works for you, I do try to help enable you all! If you are expecting difficulties, please let me know and we will try to work it all out!

There are four shipments in the club year and I have started adding a little extra surprise pattern for fun - the surprise will not have an associated yarn and shawl pin shipment.

And if you have any other questions that are unanswered, please let me know; I will answer as best I can!

I hope you'll join me for 2014!



Blogger heydebbi said...

Please count me in for 2014, traveling in France and have intermittent internet service.

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