16 August 2013


Are you ready for winner #5 from my give-away?!

pixiewear! You are the fifth winner!
Please email me at romi(at)designsbyromi(dot)com! Congratulations!

(As I noted before...I will post the winners each day, and I will try to get in contact with each winner as best I can. If I cannot, and I don't hear anything within two weeks of my posting a winner's name, I will draw another name. As the list of winners progresses, it will be completely first come, first serve. In other words, if you are the third winner, but contact me first, you get first choice. :) As of right now: one eBook, the Penny Farthing Sock and Spark Lace are taken, but the other prizes are still there!)

I had an amazing trip down memory lane today. I am in the process of updating some of my patterns, and I got to Merope. Remember her?
She was the first shawl from my first eBook subscription!
I went to update the written instructions to make them easier and shorter, and all I saw were pdfs. Yikes! And then I remembered. That was back when I was still using my grand old faithful beige G3 tower with System 9. Sigh. I always had such a soft spot for that machine that when I could no longer upgrade her, I bought a Mac mini to use the internet and went on using, and using, and using that old fabulous machine with the giant graphics monitor that weighs about 60 pounds. I switched over slowly, but until we moved and I just didn't unpack her, I used her every day.

So back to Merope. I knew where she was. And I can't believe it, but I got that old tower up and running again, and remembered how to connect to her from my current Macs. Any other Mac geeks know that when Apple upgraded to system 10.6 (I believe it was), they took away the ability to connect to "legacy" machines except as a server. So here I am...copying my old stuff onto my 2 TB disk and marveling at how much I've seen technology change. :)

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