10 May 2013

photo safari

My foot may not be functioning fully quite yet, but yesterday, I took my very first photo safari of the year. I had missed it so much.

It was a lovely morning, and flowers raised their bright faces.

It seemed as though the sun had shed bits of golden yellow across the ground.

Winter's brown was giving way to green,

and the smell of sage was pungent.

A single spear of purple caught my eye.

And then I began to notice more in the half shadows,

and in the morning sun.

As I bent down to take a closer look, tiny bits of white caught my eye.

I couldn't quite tell if they were flowers,

so I moved even closer with my favorite macro lens. 

Yes. Flowers.

And they covered the ground.



Blogger Allison said...

Awwwww! So pretty! What a great Welcome Back for your poor dear foot! ♥

10:12 AM  

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