29 March 2013

friday eye candy

I have long been a fan of Cephalopod Yarns, and I was super excited to see they had a booth at Stitches West (yes - I'm running a little behind on showing you goodies from Stitches, but bear with me)!

I was super excited to meet the incredibly sweet Sarah, the Cephalopod dye maven extraordinaire, and fondle her yarny goodness. There were so many incredible colors to choose from (I am such a sucker for great color!), but I confined myself to reason and left with three Bugga! lovelies and great plans.

Oh! how I love these colors.

So beautiful in the sun, but unfortunately my camera captured them a little lighter than in real life.

Here they are looking like themselves: Widow Dragonfly, Strawberry Crab and Ghost Moth. Exquisite.

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Blogger Sava said...

I totally understand your weakness for great color! These yarns are just beautiful.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

I just knit Zephyr Cove in Bugga! and although I bought it for the amazing colors, I think the lovely squishiness of it is even better than the colors! It was so fabulous to knit with I was a little sad to finish.

9:12 AM  

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