28 November 2012

calling all knitters!

Because Stephanie needs some love and support. She's almost finished with her garter stitch version of Lyrica Euterpe, but she had a bad dye lot experience. A cringe-worthy experience, and she ripped out her shawl halfway through the lace section. Ugh. So if you can manage a little teensy extra moment, could you go on over and give her some love? I think she could use a little extra today. 

Once she has one of these:

I know she'll laugh about it all. :)

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Blogger Roxy2853 said...


I just finished a shawl with beading and just ordered a shawl pin, but wanted to let you know I ripped too many times to count! First, I had to rip at least 5 times because I just returned to knitting after 30 years and I was overly confident that I could just jump right back in! When I finally got the hang of it again, my beautiful 9 month old Granddaughter pulled half of all 200 stitches off the needle and the pattern was so complicated I couldn't fix it!

Good luck. The shawl is gorgeous!

7:21 AM  

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