18 September 2012


The new Knitty is up! Congratulations Amy and the rest of the Knitty crew on your tenth anniversary! And...I am so honored to have a pattern in this issue!

Introducing Geschenk, German for "gift."

The pattern was inspired by a gift of spindle spun lace weight silk from J├╝rgen, a German Ravelry friend.

In his note, he mentioned that it would be nice to have a pattern for small amounts of hand spun yarns.

Of course, I needed to pass his gift forward. Right?

All it takes is one special skein of yarn.

Geschenk is very adaptable.

I love the way my gorgeous model, Shele, is wearing it here. (Her shoes are fabulous too, aren't they?)

She doesn't really wear shawls, but she loved it as a sarong.

Or as a scarf.

And it works for many different yardages and weights of yarn.

This is some lovely cruelty-free mink/cashmere yarn from Great Northern Yarns. It's got such a great halo and it is super light and soft.

It's a dk weight, and this one is a completely natural color.

It's a beautiful taupe that goes with everything.

And this one is a fingering weight.

A lovely lovely suri alpaca from Little Gidding Farms in the Lucerne colorway.
Blocking pics anyone?

 You can work the chart until you run out of yarn!
All of the skeins were gifts, and now I hope I've given a little something back. Enjoy it! And pass it forward. :)

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Blogger Michelle said...

This is wonderful!!! As a hand spinner, I really appreciate your "gift." ;-)

3:56 PM  
Blogger Rudee said...

It's beautiful. Thank you!

5:04 PM  
Blogger norabrown said...

Off to get the pattern. I have a skein of Jurgens yarn spun just for me also. And I've been looking for the perfect pattern. So thank you! And thank Jurgen.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Yarny Days said...

This is beautiful! Love the versions.

4:20 PM  

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