31 August 2012


Since we didn't really get a chance to purge before moving, we've been doing it little by little. Even my stash and UFOs are falling under the stark gaze of reality. The first victim was a blue sweater, sans sleeves. I knit it while I sat with my mother in the hospital, and I kept making the same mistake over and over and then pulling it out again and again. After she died, I put it away. It was a lovely pattern, but I knew I would never in a million years finish it.

Next up: a partially finished Eco Wool sweater for #1 Son that is now too small for both him and his little brother, The Bear.

Though I don't have a use for the blue yarn - yet - I do have something in mind for this one. So while I was ripping, I was planning it out with some other odds and ends of Eco Wool in stash.

btw, here's a blast from the past: a picture of the boys when they were little and I put them in Mr. Romi's giant Eco Wool hoodie for an idea of scale.

I had leftovers and started out to make matching sweaters for them, but I made felted slippers instead. (It was a little faster). All this has left me with nice pile of Eco Wool.

Three colors. I need to augment a little. :)


Blogger Unknown said...

I gasped when I read your story of the blue sweater. I too was knitting a sweater a blue sweater when my mom was in the hospital and was also making mistakes over and over. I have the original directions with notes that she wrote on the back before she died. Will I ever finish it? Maybe my long list of other projects keeps me from that!

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