06 May 2012


(Note to Teresa: got your address and will ship your book asap!)

I don't do much of it (traveling that is), but I always love going to Minneapolis for Yarnover! This year I also taught at 3 Kittens the Friday before Yarnover. Bear with me. This is a super picture heavy post and I still didn't get pictures of so many people!
Laura from 3 Kittens picked me up at the airport and she, Cecilia and Janine took me out for dinner at the wonderful Twin City Grill at The Great Mall of America. I had the Walleye, like a good little tourist. It was amazing! We split a gigantic piece of chocolate afterwards. It was so gigantic, in fact, that each of us basically got a full piece. It was also delicious. I am still drooling over it.
Afterwards, we walked around the Great Mall.
Yes, that is an amusement park. It is in the center.
Here you can see the top of the Ferris Wheel. Insane.
Here are Laura, Cecilia and Janine. I made them pose with SpongeBob. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
The next day it was off to 3 Kittens, a beautiful and welcoming shop, one of about 30 - yes, 30 - in the area. Our people are strong in Minneapolis.
The classes were actually at the Mendoberri Restaurant, diagonal to the shop.
The food and ambiance were wonderful, and I have to say that Laura and my two angels, Janine (yes - I had an author as a class angel - is this not cool?!)
and Cecilia, made me feel like royalty. I loved every minute of being there, meeting people who I had only known virtually, and teaching. So a giant thank you to my class
and to 3 Kittens! 
After my classes, Janine and her mother Rosemary - who has taught half of Minneapolis to knit and actually took my classes! - drove me over to the meet and greet dinner at Yarnover. I'm afraid I was a little brainless at that point, and didn't take my camera iPhone out.
Next morning was Yarnover and classes! First thing in the morning? It was lace surgery. Thankfully, I think we had all had our coffee. :) Look at the surgeons at work!
Isn't this great?
I always have a great time teaching the lace surgery. :)
After class, I wandered a bit and look what I saw!
A Calliope's Odyssey on the hoof! It turned out to be my online friend Gwen, but I didn't know it until she came by to visit and show me her gorgeous shawls
Snowangel and KnittingKathy came by too!
The green shawl on the left is my spring club shawl and Susan was the first to finish! Kathy is wearing a Taygete. I loved seeing people enjoying their shawls!
After lunch, I taught my Bijouterie earrings from Knitty. After a little initial learning curve, we had a great class with lots of fabulous earring! Just look!

Aren't they awesome!? The last pair shown was the first pair finished, btw. A speed demon!
Can I just say that Yarnover is fabulous? If you ever have the chance to go, grab it!
That evening was the teacher/volunteer dinner which I absolutely love. It gives us all a chance to chat a bit after a successful event. I missed so many great pictures, but here are three of my favorite people. I love this series of The Rainey Sisters and Anne Hanson.

We were having great time. :) Tomorrow: super fantastic yarny goodness from Minneapolis!


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