09 May 2012

Travelin' Part Deux

Remember when I said there was yarny goodness forthcoming? Well. Look at what I found in Minneapolis! The first new dyer to me, All for Love of Yarn was one I was swooning over at 3 Kittens. I only agreed to let the yarn go to another home when I was assured that Angela, the dyer of this yummy yummy stuff, would be at Yarnover the next day. I wish I could show you her booth, but my picture was horribly fuzzy. So I will just show you her yarn. And can I just say: WOW! Look at these colors!
I can't get enough of looking at them!
And this?
Is it not divine?! Yes. It is. Ready for more? This is Lynae from Grinning Gargoyle.
She has some fabulous high twist sock yarn that I love.
It has cashmere in it. And it's high twist.
Need I say more?
And then here is Francine of Rovings in Winnipeg. I am a long time fan of hers.
And just for fun, a shot of some bags of top. It's called Three Feet of Sheep.
Love it. :)
When I was in Minneapolis, I was so jealous of all the lilacs in bloom. But what do you know?
When I came back home, they were everywhere here too!
Aren't they lovely?
And the smell is utterly intoxicating.
In other news? Another secret project completed. A small but not very secret project completed today and drying. Feeling a little productive again despite the continued upheaval in my, and my family's, lives. One day it will calm down and I'm sure I'll get bored. Well. Not really. ;)


Blogger Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

4:45 AM  
Blogger Tish said...

I am so happy to see you have discovered Angela's yarns! I first fell in love with them 2 years ago.
I was honored to have knit a shawl for her display at Yarnover this year. ^_^

I am curious now to see what yummy-ness you create with her yarn... ^_^

4:11 PM  
Blogger All For Love Of Yarn! said...

Thank you Romi! I too cannot wait to see what you create, it is very exciting. Thank you again!

7:05 PM  

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