09 May 2012


It's something I'm trying to get better at doing. I always ask myself: WWAHD? (What would Anne Hanson do?) Because she gets so much done all the time. I am quite often in deep awe of her. This year has been pretty insane, as most of you know. But somehow I have managed to get five six(!) secret projects done in amongst my other work by trying to channel Anne's mad multi-tasking skillz. You'll see those projects later on this year and next. But here's a little project I can show you, a cowl made from the Melpomene stitch pattern.
It's worked up in String Theory's Caper Aran, the Black Tulip colorway.
I hope you can see how amazing this color is. It is truly incredible, a perfect black-toned purple. I asked The Bear to model it for me. (Notice that he's beginning to get swimmer's dreads? I convinced him not to cut the cuteness). 
He was quite taken with the cowl. He gets super cold in winter and this yummy yarn has cashmere in it. Oooooh. Soft!
He wants one with a straight bottom.
How can I resist? So I think it will come in two styles: the scalloped edge and the plain edge. It will be released as an extra pattern in my current eBook subscription and as a single pattern. Speaking of the eBook, I am finishing up several projects at once. Here are the yarns.

On top, that's Alisha Goes Around. Middle is from Ripples Crafts, a lovely merino/silk in Pale AU. Bottom is Fresh Grass from At Bullard Farm. (WOW! I just went to look at what she has stocked at the moment - gorgeous!) It's another silk blend, this time with BFL.
They are all in progress. Multi-tasking. It's all good.


Blogger Monika said...

The cowl is beautiful, and its color amazing! I'm so looking forward to see new designs of yours!

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Kei said...

You went to Andrea's store? She is amazing with the clearest colors, isn't she? And the BFL/silk blend is a dream. I can't wait to see the design you come up with!!!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Romi said...

Andrea's stuff is gorgeous! She just keeps getting better and better!

11:03 PM  
Blogger daffynpooh said...

The colors on the bottom "stack" are all gorgeous......and my favorite 3 colors to put together! Can't wait to see what beautiful things you create with them!

6:42 PM  
Blogger Peacefully Knitting said...

Gorgeous cowl and the color is so stunning! Of course I'm very partial to Andrea's dying :)

5:22 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Love the pattern and color of the cowl.

6:23 AM  
Blogger evie said...

love the cowl, can't wait to knit it up!

10:28 AM  

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