13 April 2012

Lucky 13

Happy Friday the 13th! Perfect day to announce the winners of the Easter Egg Hunt, wouldn't you say?

1st prize (copy of the upcoming shawl eBook subscription plus a shawl pin): Michelle - MistySnow on Ravelry
2nd prize (copy of the upcoming shawl eBook): Sally - SallyGeorgia on Ravelry
3rd prize (your choice of single free Romi pattern): Shelley (I will email you since I wasn't sure you'd want your last name posted!)

Congratulations ladies! It will be a couple of months before you get your eBook subscriptions, but I promise I won't forget! Thank you ALL for playing! I had an absolute blast and I'm so happy to know that you all enjoyed the fun!

In other news, things are getting into more of a routine here. The boys are really enjoying the swim team, but they haven't started back to school yet. Who knew it would be so difficult and time consuming to get them transferred from California Virtual Academy to Nevada Virtual Academy? We thought it would be so much simpler to have them finish out the year in that school (same company, different state) rather than trying to enroll them in physical school. We were oh! so wrong! At least they have extra time during summer to catch up.

I took another trip to my local yarn shop to knit with the knitting therapy group (love it!). They were wonderful and welcoming, and I found out that all but one of them is from California, as well. Heehee. While I was there, I had to score a skein of yarn that I had been dreaming about ever since I saw it last week.
You've gotta love a store that uses purple bags.
Am I right?
It's Ella Rae MEGA, and I'm dreaming up a quick and fun "moose lace" project. It's a little cold around here lately, and I think I need a neck warmer.

I'm getting my April club packages together, and things look like they're coming together. :knockonwood: And the taxes are almost done! Woot for Mr. Romi!

I'm off to a "mini meet" at the pool this afternoon. Have a great weekend!

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Blogger Jeanne said...

It really sounds like your life IS settling down and how fun is that YARN?

Congrats to all of the lucky winners, it will be worth the wait, I'm sure!

3:44 PM  
Blogger daffynpooh said...

Love, love, love that yarn!! Glad to hear a new routine is emerging......and how lucky are those ladies to have you join them?!!

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Kei said...

Not to make everything about me, but


I'm so glad you have found a knitting group. I joined a knitting group for the first time in my life this past fall and I have loved it. I have lots of new friends!!!!

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Trista said...

Like a cloud! Hope you have fun with that!

10:42 PM  

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