10 April 2012

Hippety hop

Down the rabbit hole for me! Things still seem so surreal. I feel like I will wake up any moment now back in California! I feel a little like I am sleep walking. But back to reality now....

I wanted to thank you all for hunting my eggs! I had a terrific time hiding them, and I'm so glad that you all enjoyed the hunt! There were over 400 entries, so I am still going through everything and will post winners soon. The eggs were hidden in Erato, Cáliz, Maia, Taygete, Toque Yo, Calliope's Odyssey, Lisianthus, Kleio, Polyhymnia's Triangle, Madroña, and Fiori di Sole. And the 12th egg was, of course, on my blog. ;)

While you wait for that announcement, I thought I'd show you the first skein of yarn bought in my new state. Isn't it pretty?
MadelineTosh from The Pioneer Yarn Company in Minden. The photo above is in the shade. The photo below is in the direct afternoon sun.
I love the way this colorway, Dusk, changes in light. It may be my imagination - no, it's not really: the colors here look more vivid. There is something different about the light. I am seeing shades in yarns that weren't apparent before. It's wonderful. I love love love color. I've just been staring.

Well, back to work with me. I have more to do before hitting my pillow!

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Anonymous Kara said...

ooh that color is LOVELY.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous dana said...

john muir referred to the sierra nevada as the range of light.

1:04 PM  
Blogger daffynpooh said...

400 entries?? How fantastic!

I think the first skein in your new state needs to be something special for YOU........

5:01 PM  

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