23 January 2012

Monday's Musing

"Perfection is a trifle dull. It is not the least of life's ironies that this, which we all aim at, is better not quite achieved." -William Somerset Maugham

Here's to being interesting! :)



Blogger Gail said...

Hope you are doing well in all the challenges life is throwing you right now... I'm assuming them because I am the parent of a 39 year old woman and a 37 year old man (who has finally decided that being a man is a better life choice than being a perpetual boy)

Yep, LOTS of story between those lines.

I gave him the nude bugga Buttonwillow (I thought I was making for myself) to give his bride last week with the blessing that when he wraps it around her he know that I am sending all the care and love I have spent on him to pass on to her.

It's been a long haul.
May yours be shorter and with nicely sloped passes (not too many switch backs and not too steep a climb)

You know I love Buttonwillow having made 4 iterations of it.

And I love you.
Gail (mygrammadid)

3:14 PM  

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