01 December 2011

Why friends are the best

Can I just thank you all so much for the incredibly supportive and kind comments and notes you sent? I was already feeling pretty lucky, but I have to say that you all are the very very best. And all that warmth and wonderful-ness you sent my way has gotten the creative juices flowing big time again! I am back to feeling almost human again. And it's a good feeling.

Now I have some catching up to do. There are pictures for blog posts that never happened, piles of yarn, and notes and sketches for shawls and sweaters and hats.

But back to my wonderful friends.

I've carried on a correspondence with a very cool lace knitter in The Frozen North for some time now. I first "met" her when she was in my club, and over time, it's become very obvious how much we have in common. We've never met face to face, but she knew something was up even when I wasn't saying anything. And a little while ago, this lovely package arrived in my post office box (wrapped up of course).
Inside was a big bar of "Emergency Chocolate" (which The Bear immediately claimed as his own because it was dark chocolate without dairy - next time he has agreed at least to let me take a picture of it) and this lovely green skein of lace weight silk.
Be still my heart! It is the very perfect shade of green. And silk. YUM! But the best part? Feeling the warmth and connection from far away. One of these days we will meet face to face, and we'll probably stay up all night laughing uproariously and sobbing, and everything in between. Thank you so much, dear friend!

There was a surprise today as well. I started giggling when I saw this!
And there was a little something that caught #1 Son's attention.
The phantom cookie baker struck!
Wow. Just look at what was in that plain brown box.
#1 Son has been acting crazy all day about these cookies.
I won't share the video I took of him though, because I still need it for blackmail. So far the thought of my posting it to youtube has him being extra good, but it won't take him long to call my bluff, I'm sure.

Delicious! Thank you, Brandy, for the yummy treat. And for making #1 Son actually think it's cool that I'm his Mom (for a day at least)! :D



Blogger teanotea said...

There's nothing like a little surprise to lift your spirits. Be well and remember that we love what you share with us.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's always so wonderful when small surprises arrive in the mail, especially when you least expect it. Take care :)

3:50 PM  

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