19 October 2011

Hopping along

First of all: news on the bunny front. Diva - aka Bunny #3, the Diva-licious Bunny-girl - is, so far, doing very well. With no trace of the Myxomatosis that Pepper had. Whew! We are keeping lots of fingers and toes crossed. I will be thrilled when we make it through this weekend. And then, I am going to search down a vet who can vaccinate for that awful disease, because apparently, though bunnies are the absolute best, I haven't yet found a vet around here that knows much of anything about them. Wish me luck!

And :drumroll: Katanya is released! Simple and lovely, she was a Pins & Lace Club (still one more pin and yarn/pattern options left for 2012!) summer pattern now available to everyone. Katanya is a variety of heirloom watermelon, and the shawl was designed to echo the shape of a melon wedge. The funny thing is I had been looking at her smaller parts so long, trying to show the different patterns in her, that this picture from Brandy in a darker color completely took my breath away when I saw it.
I often don't take blocking pictures, but Brandy's pic shows Katanya so much better than my close-ups like this one:
and this one.
And the yarn! Wow. I am in love again.

And better yet? The muse is upon me once more! After a time when I couldn't seem to complete anything, I am now flying along. Log jams have shaken apart, ice has been broken. Onward and upward! Here she is, almost finished; the muse that has cleared my mind and gotten me going.
She's almost finished, and I love love love the texture. I probably could have finished her sooner, but I keep stopping to admire the way the yarn makes the stitches pop.
Alisha is amazing. And I predict great and wonderful things for her.

I've started another, too, using Colourmart cashmere in a fingering weight. It feels like string because of the spinning oil still on the coned yarn. I can't wait to wash it! Isn't it amazing how different the muse looks in this yarn?
I can't wait to wear it!
And now? Back to work with me! I want to block the small version and finish up a little something else!

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Blogger SyrenMuse said...

Oh! I love Katanya and even better, it's my Hebrew name. It means 'little one of God'.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

So good to hear the news about your other bunnies, glad there is a vaccine available.
The Katyanya shawl is lovely, beautiful colour...hope the Muse favours you for a while. As always thanks for the photos.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Muse #3 looks absolutely enticing--and so cool of you to use CraftNinja's picture.....

9:30 PM  
Blogger Monika said...

I haven't knit Katanya yet, but I think it's a stunning shawl. Your new design looks great too. Is the grey one made with heavier than fingering weight yarn? Like Buttonwillow (which I'm knitting right now)?
You design faster than I can knit! :o)
Oh, and I'm happy with you that your bunny is O.K. for now!

5:17 AM  
Blogger daffynpooh said...

Stunning as always! Will she be the next one released??

So happy to hear your bunny is doing well - I think of her often when I spend time with our bunner

6:47 PM  
Blogger CraftNinja said...

The shawl now matches my blush. Hee!!!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Brigi said...

this a real beuty, I am so happy it is available!

6:23 AM  

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