14 September 2011

It's that time again!

The year has just flown by, hasn't it?! It's time again for Pins and Lace Club sign-ups! 2012. Can you believe it will be 2012 next year? Eep!

Well, this year, I am switching things up again. I know. It's a little different every year, but I've been in the process of learning what works best for everyone! I'm really excited about the latest iteration! It includes a pattern only option, and, for those of you with too many shawl pins, it also includes a yarn and pattern only option. :) In response to those of you who have had trouble getting to the computer on time due to work (really - work? It cuts into knitting time!), I am opening sign-ups in the evening this time and in the morning for the second period. Here's how it will work. There will be two sign up periods on my site beginning Thursday September 15 at 7 pm PST and another October 15 at a time to be determined. There will be 4 shipments of 100 shawl pins and 200 skeins of yarn available overall. (I had to limit the pins - I can only handle so much!) Half will go on sale in September and half in October. Those include a pattern, as well, of course. :) After all of those are sold, I will open pattern only club sales on Ravelry. Because of the different options and the need to plan in advance in ordering yarn, club sign-ups will be for the full year only - no half year options will be available. The 2012 patterns will all be delivered via Ravelry as an eBook - much like my subscriptions. Pattern only sales will close January 31, 2012. Clear as mud? Don't worry; if you don't quite get it ordered the way you want it, just write to me and we'll get it all sorted out! The idea is to make you happy, so no stress!

Note that this year, yarn weights will vary! It will not all be lace weight. For planning purposes, here are the options and prices! Please note that there will be a pattern fee of $20 added to your total in addition to the option price chosen below. The pattern only option will be priced at $40 for the year, and the patterns will not be released to the public until 2013. (There will be a fun little extra too, btw!) I will try to put up an option so that you are able to pay in two installments. If I fail (very possible!), I can do that by special arrangement. Just contact me!

Romi's Choice: $310
Each shipment includes yarn from a different indie dyer, a shawl pin (copper, sterling and 2 nickel for the year) and an original pattern.
Romi's Choice Fuzz-free: $330
Same as Romi's choice but targeted to those sensitive to animal fibers; this is not a vegan option, as silk will be included. Note that it may be impossible to match perfectly the weight of the Romi's Choice yarn option.

Pin and pattern only:
Romi's Choice of Metal: $150
Copper only: $135
Nickel only: $145
Sterling only: $200

Yarn and pattern only:
Romi's Choice - Yarn only: 4 shipments - $170
Romi's Choice Fuzz-free - Yarn only: 4 shipments - $190

Whichever option(s) you choose, please note that there will be a $20 pattern fee added to the total. Regular shipping to the US or Canada is included in prices. International shipping and priority mail shipping will cost extra.

Whew. I hope I've gotten everything. And I hope it all makes sense! If I am not making sense - it's a little late here, please let me know! And remember: you have another chance in October. :)



Blogger Emily said...

Will the second sign up be at the same time? It's almost impossible for me as an international customer to sign up at such a time. Might just get the patterns then ...

1:03 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

Please do not consider the previous comment, I seem to have a horrible morning today and misunderstand everything! I now see there are still spots available in the club, I just didn't read it right ... So sorry!

1:29 AM  

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