19 June 2011

baked crunchy and draggin' my wagon

In other words: knackered after a three day swim meet. But I did get a little swatching action happening. (Pardon the iPhone photo please!)

I was having some fun with it. Unfortunately, this was one of those times when I couldn't get very much done in actual knitting and charting. It was more of a thinking through things kinda weekend. But I do have a cast-on plan and chart for the
First Muse. And I can't wait to cast on a little bit later. Woot!

More soon. Happy Father's Day!!!

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Blogger Chrisknits said...

Thank you so much for working with me on the booklet purchase. I keep forgetting to say how much I enjoyed knitting Bitterroot recently and can't wait to start another one of your patterns from the booklet. Now to match up yarn and pattern!

6:12 AM  

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