16 May 2011

Monday's Musing

It's raining, the kids are cranky, I have a head cold, Mr. Romi is feeling under the weather, and I'm trying to get a secret project finished and off. So today?
"This, too, shall pass." - attributed to many authors

I take comfort in the sure knowledge that tomorrow is another day. My project will be blocking. The sun may come out. And we live in the age of Sudafed. Life is good. :)



Blogger Michelle said...

I think the saying originates with the Bible verse that states, "And it came to pass...." Nothing comes to stay; it WILL pass! :-)

2:30 PM  
Blogger Marisa said...

Dearest Romi,
I met you at Stitches West (as I am sure many people did) but your pins are just amazing. They have changed how I knit - making me more open to knitting shawls and other things that require pinning. I do have one small request though. When I make small shawls, sometimes they need more than one pin to really stay around my neck. Do you have any plans to take some of your more simple pins and make them on a smaller scale? maybe like the 'C' shaped one? for sale in a twin pack? I could really use two of these, but in smaller versions. If you create them, I'll take a few for sure. Best wishes, and love your work. Marisa

9:19 AM  

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