23 February 2011

A little ketchup

I've been a bad blogger lately, but I'm hoping to make up for it a little bit at least. That is, before I jet off to Maryland on Friday where I'll be the featured designer at Eleganza Yarns' weekend Indie Artist Celebration. (Isn't that cool?!) But it doesn't make for lots of blog posts between now and then, I'm afraid!

Last Thursday, I left in the morning to drive down to Stitches West, and all the stormy weather that has not been happening all happened at once. On Thursday morning. While I was driving. And this is what was happening back home while I was in the rain.
The snow level was so low that it was about a five minute drive away.
And no one could resist.
By the way, this is what it looked like today.
But I hear that snow is due on Thursday and through the weekend. I hope my plane isn't delayed!

But I digress. The drive last Thursday took a little more than an hour longer than it should have, but really? I'm not complaining. I made it there in one piece, and so did my friend Anne, who came down with me a day early to help me set up (because she is a Goddess. Really. It's documented.)

Amazingly, even though we were late, we got set up in time for the show. We were all wearing tiaras (it being the Royale Hare booth and all.) I'm afraid I don't have a picture of me in my finery, but I can tell you that I felt quite resplendent with tiara and scepter. Every girl really needs a tiara, you know? I had a great little corner with my pins and patterns and samples all laid out.
I got to meet people from my Ravelry forum, which was incredibly cool. Pictured here are Caroline, Judy and Ali.
I also met up with tons of other people, but for the most part, no pictures were taken because everything was such a whirlwind of craziness! I shall punish myself severely for that. Um. Later.

This is Holly, and she gave me a home made scone shaped like a heart! :D
Here's Regina wearing her Bitterroot with a Romi shawl pin!
And this is a programmer with Square (and she knits!!!), who saw me using the cool little card reader with my iPhone and came to say hello and take a picture! So I had to get one of her, too.
Rick was dressed in fabulous shoes, as always.
Rachael gave me her new book that's coming out next week. (Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)
And I can't put it down now! It is fabulous!!! A perfect feel good read.

And there was yarn.
Luminous yarn from Sunshine Yarns.
Stunning deep colors from Pigeon Roof Studios.
Gorgeous colors from Miss Babs. I love the Terra Cotta!
Sumptuous natural dyes from Sincere Sheep.
And deep golden loveliness from Royale Hare. (This was an accident. How many people want some more accidents to happen?!)
It was a fabulous and wonderful time. I got to meet so many people. And all I can say is wow. I loved every minute of it. Thank you everyone!

And tomorrow? Between working on three sekrit projects, I might just steal a few little moments with my pretties before I pack. See you all soon!

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Blogger norabrown said...

:) I love the yarns! Gorgeous colors. Love the boots/shoes. Totally awesome.

Safe travels. Can't wait till you can share about your secret projects.

Wonderful update for someone who is so busy.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I have yarn envy! Not snow envy - we have enough of that. But LOVE those yarns!!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Beautious yarn. All of it.
I hope your trip this weekend is a bit calmer weather-wise.
What a fun update!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I own a pin and your Seven Small Shawls ebook; how did I not know about your Ravelry group? I just remedied that.... :-)

10:33 AM  
Blogger JelliDonut said...

I love the show and tell when people come back from fiber trips. Gorgeous stuff!

1:34 PM  
Blogger Lanafactrix said...

1) I am so sad I won't be getting to see you this weekend . . . I'm working both Saturday AND Sunday. But the Eleganza folks are wonderful, and I'm sure you'll have a blast!

2) I have a tiara that I wear each year on my birthday. Because, duh.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Definitely need more of that golden accident yarn. LOL! Your trip looks wonderful, though I'd love to have seen you all tiara'd out. :-)

1:40 PM  

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