02 November 2010

I voted

Did you?
Hey. How 'bout them GIANTS?!?!?!?! Woohoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

There was much joy in Mudville. ;)



Anonymous Deb said...

My husband and I started a new tradition this year that we plan to continue. We voted the day early voting opened in our state!

8:23 AM  
Blogger beadntat said...

The Giants were an amazing team to watch throughout the playoffs and the World Series. I love it when a team deemed to be "misfits" and underdogs dumbfound everyone and the BIG PRIZE. I loved seeing Tim Lincecum (having pitched a masterful game) do the high jump over the dugout fence after the last out in game 4. I loved watching Tim and Buster Posey hug and jump like schoolkids delirious with joy. I loved that Edgar Renteria was rewarded for his tenacity, patience, and playing with a torn biceps tendon that should have kept him on the bench, but didn't by receiving the well-deserved MVP award. I loved that Edgar turned to hug the owners, GM, and managers in the post-game interview so he didn't have to face the cameras with tears streaming down his face too choked up to speak a word. I loved that everyone in San Francisco was so humble and so happy to have finally won. It was the very best kind of World Series outcome!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous AnnaClaire said...

Unfortunately, my state seems to lack the early-voting that yours has, Deb. We do, however, have a shiny new voting system which is somehow hugely superior to the one we had been using.

11:04 AM  

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