04 November 2010


7 Small Shawls: T - 56 days and counting down.

I spent several hours with my baby (I can still call him that - he's only 7) at the doctor's today. He truly couldn't breathe. He needed two albuterol breathing treatments before his lungs were clear enough to tell if it was pneumonia or not. (It's not). And can I tell you how wonderful it was to see pink color come back into his face? And how horrifically selfish and ugly I felt having hoped that he wouldn't quite be over his cold so I wouldn't have to go to a swim meet this weekend? Ugh.

But he seems to be fine now: sleeping peacefully and without fever. And breathing, which is most important. Whew.

My brain is feeling random today, so beware of disjointed factoids.

1. I bought two pairs of rain boots at my very favorite online store, Sierra Trading Post,
in hopes that they would prevent this weekend's swim meet from being rainy.
So far, I think it's working, although I also think I'm probably staying home with Bear.

2. I finished listening to The 19th Wife audiobook. I'm torn about this book. At first, I thought it was largely true, but as far as I can tell after reading more about it, it's mostly fiction. I feel almost betrayed by some of the unnecessary fabrication having to do with real historical figures. Isn't the actual history interesting enough?

3. I am freaking out about finishing up my 7 Small Shawls, but I am absolutely and completely determined that they will be done by the end of the year. Maybe not all test knitted, but they will be designed and knitted by me. Yes, they will.

4. I have a lot to do this weekend.

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Anonymous Sheena said...

Rather your son well than shawls. Rather 6 shawls done well than 7 poor ones. Shawls are beautiful - do them justice.

1:26 AM  
Blogger villapeikko said...

Must've been a very scary experience :(

Beautiful wellingtons!

2:52 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

What a frightening time with your little guy. Good to hear that he's much better. Was it croup?

This is but one small voice: Frankly, I won't be able to knit up all the lovely little shawls you've already released this year ~ so why stress if publication is delayed by a few months?

With Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching, we're all plentily occupied. And well-written, beautiful patterns are ALWAYS worth the wait. (We might even profit from learning patience!) :D

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was a child, I had a few seizures where I stopped breathing. My parents probably know exactly how scared you were, and how relieved you are now that he's back and recovering.

As for those boots, I am very jealous. The only kinds of rain boots in my size are either black or army green.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous teresat2t said...

Hey Romi,

NB: fiscal year end is March 31st...

take care of your little one...


8:27 AM  
Blogger JelliDonut said...

So glad your little one is doing better. Don't feel guilty--sounds like you need the rest too. Have a great weekend!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous cap said...

Glad your "baby" is better. There is nothing worse than an ailing child. Just told my youngest this week "once a mother, always a mother." BTW, my babies are 41 and 45, but they both live out of town!

Have a good weekend!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Rudee said...

I hope your sweety-heart is better. It's scary to go through such an illness and even scarier for us parents to watch.

I adore those green boots.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Yarnhog said...

I'm so glad he's better!

I've been there; my younger son used to have bronchiolitis when he was little. I spent many nights holding him in a steamy bathroom, hoping I wouldn't have to take him to the hospital for steroids and breathing treatments. So scary! I'll never forget the sound of him gasping, "Mommy, I can't breathe!"

12:41 PM  
Blogger Winifred said...

It's awful when they're ill. Such a worry. Thankfully he's doing well.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Here's hoping "Bear" is feeling much better tonight. You are a wonderful mom and sometimes people say things "in jest" that the really don't mean. Don't be hard on yourself.

I'm in the group where, I would rather have 7 awesome Romi shawls than 4 awesome ones, and 3 so-so ones to finalize your goal. Take your time, we'll all still be around!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Madeline said...

Glad your son is going to be okay. It's scary when they are sick. And if you don't finish the 7 shawls in time? What could possibly happen? Do not worry -- none of us are in a hurry. I'm certain everyone else would agree with me that we would rather you enjoy the creative process than push and stress yourself. It's not a competition. And family always comes first. Then sleep. We can wait :)

7:24 PM  
Anonymous MelThomas said...

How scary! So glad your baby is doing better! Its ok to call him your baby, I still call my youngest son that and he is 22! :-)

I hope you don't feel pressured by us to finish all the shawls this year, I would be fine if they continue into next year, no rush. Hugs!

6:00 AM  
Blogger Lani said...

I am loving your shawls. But please don't over stress yourself to finish them by the end of the year. I couldn't possibly knit all of them in that time frame anyway. Enjoy them - they add so much to us all. And most of all enjoy your kids and family. Hope your little one is felling better.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My youngest is a severe - as in life-threatening - asthmatic. A couple of years ago we were in the ER 14 times because he couldn't breathe.

There is likely no possible way to express in mere words the emotions that watching your baby fight for every little snippet of oxygen.

I'm so sorry you had to go through that. And on a somewhat wry note - empathize with you over the potential fallout the multiple nebulizer treatments can bring. (i.e., excessively hyperactive kids!)

Deep breath, girlfriend. Relax those shoulders. Nestle in, watch him sleep, wonder at the amazing thing these precious children are... Embrace the moments that bring healing. These are the most important things - even though we all *adore* your patterns! Patterns can wait. Children decidedly take priority!

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the good news is he's feeling better and he's 7. Resiliant as a superball they are.

I'm sure you'll get the shawls done when you can. Your commentors (and me) all seem to agree that there are more important things than an artificial deadline. Don't make yourself crazy.

Now stop buying wellies (adorable though they are)! We live in the same county and I don't want to need them...though a drought is not a good alternative...eeeek!

6:36 PM  

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