14 August 2010

You are my sunshine

7 Small Shawls: T - 143 days and counting down.

I am just loving this lovely sunny yarn from Zen Yarn Garden (Serenity Silk in 14k colorway). The color makes me happy just to look at it! And it's even better with beads.
This was one of those times when the best beads for the job were not at all a surprise. Sometimes, I am shocked by which beads look the best, but not this time. There was :yawn:.
And so-so.
And then the angels sung.
I love it when they do that. :)

So.... Tomorrow is a big day for me! I'm opening up sign-ups for my 2011 Pins & Lace Club! I'll be doing a few things differently this coming year. First of all, the two month memberships will run one shipment after the other. So, whereas in 2010, if you signed up for two months you would get shipments in January and July, in 2011 you will get shipments in January and April. After the second shipment, if there are any two shipment memberships available for the rest of the year, those will go up for sale. Also different: I will not be offering cool or warm colors, but I will still be offering a choice of fiber. I want to make sure that my poor dyer stays sane this time around, so we're sticking to one new color per shipment! :)

I will be opening the club sign-ups tomorrow, August 15th, after 6 pm PST. These are pre-orders for the club which starts in January of 2011. The first round of sign-ups will last through the end of August, or until 50 spots are filled, whichever comes first. Those signing up in the first round in August will get some extra holiday cheer this year! On October 1st, I will open the sign-ups again for another 50 spots. I am doing it in two bursts to give those who have participated in the 2010 club (and new members!) two chances to get in for 2011, and I'm hoping it works! In the event that I am unable to close the sign-ups before more than 50 people sign up for the club in the first go-around (people tell me that I'd better watch out because there's a lot of interest - ulp!) there's a chance there will be fewer than 50 spots available in October. (I know there are ways to automate these things, and I am trying to figure out how to make it work with my site, but it's likely not going to happen in August).

To those of you who participated in my inaugural 2010 club, thank you so much! You made my year a fantastic one. I have learned so much and enjoyed it more than I can tell you. It's been an amazing year. :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so surprised I picked those out during your last post. Usually I have such a hard time figuring out beads to use.

7:20 AM  

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