12 June 2010

Long day

7 Small Shawls: T - 203 days and counting down.

It was a very long day today. Good, but long. #1 Son seems to be getting back to being his old swimming self, and it's so wonderful to see him cocky again! Knitting did happen, but it was on a stealth project. It was over 90 degrees out there and I am totally whipped! Thankfully I am back inside and we have AC. That and a shower has made me feel human again. :)

Going off to put my feet up now! Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. :whimper:

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Blogger Jeanne said...

You could come to Denver to cool off! It's been raining and cold ever since Friday afternoon. High temps of 50 both days...I thought I saw snow yesterday..LOL We're ready to turn the furnace back on ;-)

Good luck to son #1

6:40 AM  

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