18 March 2010


This week I bought a mini laptop for travel (including swim meets!) and I think my Mac mini was upset. It must have been the way I went on about how cute the new computer is, and the color (red), and the mini mouse I got for it. I shouldn't have purchased a Toshiba using my Mac, because my Mac had the last word. The problem I had before came back. Ack!

So instead of the new printer I had been saving for, I ended up replacing my mini, because I just couldn't be down for as long as I was last time.


I ask you: is this not the cutest computer ever? (It's safe to say that now since I'm not using my Mac to post this).
And it's difficult to tell, but this mouse is dinky and completely adorable.
Unfortunately, my laptop is not here. I have my mouse and my external dvd, but Toshiba hasn't even shipped the computer yet. So for now, I am computer-less and depending on my husband's largesse.

In other and better news, the wonderful Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden created a little video to show the bind off for my Brandywine Shawl!

Thank you, Roxanne!

And the latest total, you ask? Thanks to all of you, I have been able to send $8,000 to Doctors without Borders from Brandywine sales! I'm still working on $50,000 (10,000 patterns sold), and I'm just going to keep donating until I reach my goal! Many many thanks to all of you who have mentioned Brandywine on your blogs and in podcasts: Steph, anne, Wendy, Kat, David, Jasmin, Beth, Helen, and many others. You've helped so much to get the word out! Please don't stop now. I still need all the help I can get! :)

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Blogger Theresa said...

Wow, that's an amazing number!! Kudos to you for reaching high, and to knitters for stepping up!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Technology - a blessing and curse. I hope you are back up and running full bore soon!

6:22 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

OMG...and it's RED! How cool would having a red laptop be?

I'm loving the Brandywine Shawl - what a fun pattern!

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mac/pc debate can get ugly, but sometimes it comes down to price. I think apple products are great, but I bought a dell laptop when it came right down to it. Sometimes it's just the more practical decision, and adding red to anything always helps. Enjoy the new toy when it finally arrives!

P.s. My dell laptop has been around the world about twice now and no probs, so enjoy the red one :)

8:00 AM  
Anonymous kat said...

wow, that's great about your brandywine shawl donations!

and, yes your new laptop is super cute : )

12:51 PM  
Blogger Patricia said...

Thanks for the video. I know it will be here when I need it. I have my pattern, thanks, now just to make a yarn decision!
Oh, its Apples for me.

5:05 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Your Brandywine Shawl numbers are very impressive.

My pattern is sitting on the desk looking at me and saying, "Can't you spin any faster? I am ready go get started" I will finish the first bobbin within the hour, but then I have another to spin, plus the plying, so it will be a while before I can join in the fun of knitting your lovely pattern. I am so looking forward to it.


9:00 AM  
Anonymous Arif Ammar said...

Good work!

6:50 AM  

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