13 August 2009

Report from the Summit - The Last Day

Well, at long last: the final report on my wayward Sock Summit badge, from our roving reporter Ba.


And now for our final chapter….

Before we continue our story, Romi’s Badge forgot to tell tell you about seeing/meeting the Yarn Harlot (Romi's badge was so relaxed from her bath, you see….).
Saturday night, while going up to her room at the hotel, Stephanie walks into the elevator. Squee! As much as Romi’s Badge wanted a picture with her, she kept it cool and didn’t say anything, because accosting Stephanie in the elevator (or lift) would have been very bad form. (Ba did tell Stephanie that from a vendor perspective, everything was running very smoothly….)

Anywho, Sunday morning came and we went to the last day of the Market. We chatted awhile with Stephanie of Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs

Romi's Badge

(She has Goth inspired hand-dyed yarn and knitting bags. Cool stuff…)

Then Michelle of Boulderneigh came by to get a ewe pin to go with her ram pin.

Romi's Badge

(She’s pouting because I could only find a copper one and she wanted a silvery one. But she was happy to be here…)

Then Kathy from knit group stopped by with her sister to say hi!

Romi's Badge

(Kathy has a yurt for a studio. Romi’s Badge wants a yurt for a studio, too….)

And Cristi popped in to give Romi’s Badge a kiss

Romi's Badge

One last look around the market and Romi’s Badge admired Jennie the Potter’s wares one last time…
Romi's Badge

(Her stuff is so awesome…Ba got a mug with a chocolate colored sheep and a spindle with green yarn)

At last, it was time to pack up and leave. Romi’s Badge fortified herself with a fresh blackberry shake from Burgerville

Romi's Badge

(made with real blackberries. Yummy….)

She helped pack the High Twist Sock yarn and silk hankies

Romi's Badge

and the Superwash Bluefaced Leicester (which is pronounced ‘lester’, not ‘lyster’).

Romi's Badge

Soon, the truck and trailer were packed and Romi’s Badge settled in for the long ride home.

Romi's Badge

Thanks everyone for joining us in The Adventures of Romi’s Badge!!

Ba would like to thank her youngest son for the loan of his computer while at Sock Summit. Without it, this adventure would not have seen the light of day. Thanks, kiddo…


I'm thinking my badge had too much fun without me! ;)

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Blogger Jamie/Moira said...

It did not get arrested. That would indicate the right amount of fun.

Too Much Fun usually precedes jail time.


8:59 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

Thanks again for these reports!:)))

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It didn't even drink....she SUCH a lightweight.....


11:14 AM  

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