01 June 2009

New! + 15% Off Sneaky Sale

I know - what's gotten into me?! Three posts in two days! :)

I have a couple of new Designs by Romi pins to share with you! And you know what that means, right? Shhhhh, be vewy quiet (a Sneaky Sale).

The two new pins are clips, in the style of the treble clef clip. I am loving this style, because it works to clip woven cloth scarves as well, even finely woven ones. Here we have a heart and a swirl.

I couldn't resist a beauty shot

or two. :)

Here's how it looks in use. It works great as a sweater closure or a shawl/scarf pin. And for those of you who tend to lose a piece of your pin? Never again!

Swirly beauty shot...

Here you can see the back. It's the corrugation that keeps it in place. It really stays put!

And in use:

These are all available in copper, sterling and nickel! To celebrate, take 15% off your purchase of $15 or more! Enter CLIP at checkout. Good through Saturday, June 6, so you have plenty of shopping time! Get yours here!

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Blogger Birdsong said...

What a great, great idea the corrugation is! I have lost shawl pins all too easily, and more than I care to recall, but these seem much more secure. Any chance you can make a sheepie this way?

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