23 April 2008

More newness! And coupons!

I am battling the creeping crud, so I will keep this short! :) More new stuff! First, a Scottie dog shawl pin. The wonderful Liz Lovick commissioned this one, and I had to share it with all of you, too!

Next, I have a wine glass. You all knew it was only a matter of time, right? I mean, I am in wine country after all! This one started as a commission, as well. Yep, a knitting winery owner! :)

You can find both here if you scroll down a bit.

And to celebrate the new offerings, we have coupons for Designs by Romi!! $5 off purchases of $15 and above (enter 6EQTMQK at check-out), and $10 off purchases of $50 and above (enter
6EQU2HJ at check-out). If you are ordering earrings or pendants, put the coupon number in the comment section and I will refund the proper amount. How about that?! These are good through Monday, April 28th. So enjoy!! :)

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Blogger Soo said...

Wow -- the lovely treats just keep coming. I'm really tempted by the wine glass. (Not the first time I've said that!)

And I was very pleased to see some of your lovely shawl pins on purlescence.co.uk. Yippee for us UK folk!!!!

1:40 AM  
Blogger vanessa said...

feel better soon!

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Jen in CT said...

hope you feel better soon! The wine glass came out perfectly. :-)

4:57 AM  
Blogger Dayna said...

Will you be doing more scottie shawl pins for the rest of us? Liz shouldn't be the only one to have one!

11:52 AM  
Blogger Sonya said...

Hoping the crud creeps back to where it came from. I love that wine glass!

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, those are so cool! I love the little doggie.

Hope you get rid of the creeping crud soon!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Sereknitty said...

That Scottie Dog pin is too cute!

10:26 AM  

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