28 September 2007

Friday Eye Candy Contest

This image, photographed by my husband and digitally processed by me, was for a client providing wines at the Academy Awards. Cool, eh?

For my fellow graphic design geeks out there: I set it up to print four color process plus a double hit of a spot red on uncoated cover stock. :)

So here's where the contest comes in. Tell me (in a comment only please!) where this image was photographed. Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a drawing and I will choose a winner at random. I will give you one clue, which may or may not be misleading (you never know with me!): the digital processing on this image consisted of adding and adjusting coloring and noise.

You have until Wednesday, October 3 (aaaaaack! next week is October already!) midnight PST to enter the contest. The winner will receive this shawl stick:

Hey! What are you waiting for?! Get commenting already. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Blogger SusieH said...

Gorgeous picture! I think it was done in front of the TV, maybe on Emmy night :)

1:19 AM  
Blogger sophanne said...

I think it was photo-ed in husbands studio- which either has Hollywood as a backdrop or perhaps that comes as a backdrop in a program or prof/photographer computer.

I really know nothing but I love that pin!

5:06 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

That shawl stick is beautiful!I think it was taken with a movie theater screen in the background.

5:17 AM  
Blogger Lisa Shobhana said...

was is shot in front of television?

5:47 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Rosemary- In a movie theater?

6:18 AM  
Blogger Gammy aka Peggy said...

You know, I haven't a clue. Not a clue. So I'm just going to say something, ummmmm let's see in your house? :)

7:41 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Very cool picture. Ack! Your contests are always very challenging. Um, I think Susieh has it right - tv or a poster, in your house.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(I think I might have it this time!)
I think it's shot in front of a video store, Hollywood Video. Then you did your wonderful touches. Terry G

10:17 AM  
Blogger Yarnhog said...

I know nothing...no, less than nothing...about photography, but I'm going to guess it was taken in front of a tv.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Marlene said...

Oh phooey, I really don't know but I want that shawl stick so I'll throw out a stab in the dark.

I'm guessing it was taken in your home, in front of a poster, on a bright sunny day.

2:18 PM  
Blogger fleegle said...

I am glad you enjoyed Daphne!

And your shawl pins are lovely. Can't wait to see your book!

3:28 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

I'll gues in the studio with a Hollywood poster.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Kelli said...

I am sadly pathetic when it comes to photography. So my guess is, background shot through a window and the foreground was overlayed onto the background. If that makes sense, maybe it doesn't. lol

7:54 PM  
Blogger Ronni said...

I'm guessing in front of the TV. Specifically, in front of a 20th Century Fox opening sequence. Probably a paused in the right spot one.

8:30 PM  
Anonymous terri said...

I think it was taken in front of the video rental place. Not htat I need a new magic wand, but still...

8:33 PM  
Blogger Terri Lynn said...

In your family Room, in front of TV. Nice blog by the way!!!!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Janelle said...

Okay, my first thought was "why *wouldn't* it be in the studio/photo room with a backdrop? But since that's already been taken and no one has guessed the obvious, I'll guess that it was taken in Hollywood.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Marianne said...

I must admit that I first read all of the other comments because I really had no idea. What makes most sense to me that it was taken in the studio with a poster or a tv screen that was on hold but that was made blurry on the screen.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Marina said...

Too difficult! Backdrop reminds me of the grainy, old films. Watch a film at home. Stop at that shot. Take picture. Enjoy drink!

3:31 AM  
Blogger jenknits said...

I guess it was taken in your living room in front of the tv ;-)

12:54 PM  
Anonymous pat said...

OK - You live in CA - did you really take it in front of the Hollywood sign on the hill?

1:48 PM  
Anonymous AlisonH said...

Well, that is the Hollywood sign on the Hollywood hill, and the V of light above it would be searchlights lighting up the sky during the awards. I know you don't live near Hollywood, so the picture could have been grafted (kitchenered?) from just about anywhere.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Debi said...

Was it taken from a movie/video capture?

11:09 PM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Well I figure you are in front of the television..hoping you are enjoying that glass of wine. Not sure what show you are watching, there could be several.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Debra said...

The glass appears to have a window in it's reflection, so I'm going to guess it was taken in someone's livingroom infront of an older, non-HD tv! (like my house. :)

6:52 AM  
Blogger uberstrickenfrau said...

I guess infront of a backdrop of a picture of Hollywood hills in your studio. I dunno- thats my answer and I'm stickin with it!

7:21 AM  
Blogger lorinda said...

My first thought was a big Hollywood poster/print, so I'll stick with that. You and hubby make a great artistic team

Oh, and love the shawl pin!

8:01 AM  
Blogger Sereknitty said...

In a movie theatre!

8:34 AM  
Blogger carolknits said...

For the contest - I think its a Hollywood T shirt used as a backdrop.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Redheadskydiver said...

My first thought was a movie theatre but I guess TV would be about the same.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the sign does not light up (it is lit, but it doesn't light up) so that would indicate a projected image of some sort, which you'd have to be able to control, i.e., stop long enough to get the pic.

So I would say in front of a television set with the image from a DVD or VHS tape on pause in the background and then turned to sepia via the wonders of Photoshop.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous LisaK said...

My guess would have been the Hollywood video store sign. I like the t-shirt one too.

1:58 PM  
Blogger June said...

Well, since I am photographically challenged, I am going to guess at the Geyser Winery for the upcoming event. . . but of course, I have no clue! I just love your pins!

3:26 PM  
Blogger 5elementknitr said...

In front of the TV?

4:16 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

In the comfort of your very own family room of course!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Turtle said...

Like the others i think it is a backdrop from the tv or the computer screen. Like the red accents!

6:26 PM  
Anonymous kmkat said...

Very, very cool photograph. I'll go with in front of the tv, too.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Rena said...

I think it was in front of Hollywood video store - don't really know but your shawl pin is a thing of beauty - just what I need for my shawl for my son's wedding!

7:20 AM  
Blogger ikkinlala said...

I'll guess (uncreatively) that the picture was taken in front of a TV.

9:12 AM  
Blogger mehitabel said...

I'd say a poster, whether a commercial one or an advertising still, and in the studio. I have seen the Hollywood sign many many times (when it's not obscured by smoke or smog) and it never ever looks like that in real life!

3:48 PM  
Blogger Celeste said...

Your hubby photographed the glass and bottle the kitchen counter, and you added the background later.

You both sampled the wine.

7:59 PM  
Blogger Karli said...

I am guessing in front of a movie/tv especially since you had to edit sound?

12:10 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Wow, I may or may not be making in under the wire. I have been buying and trying to sell homes lately and that is all consuming. So, I have never been to L.A. but I am going to guess that there is rarely a chance that the Hoolywood sign would look that good. So I am guessing in your studio, in daylight. It has that old Hollywood feel. It must be awesome to work for wineries. I imagine big budgets?! (And maybe some perks?) Maybe someday we can compare Sonoma wines to Niagara wines.

Have a glass for me. Sorry I have been tardy reading blogs lately.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous junie said...

Ah yes. You did that shoot at home. You used a magazine ad of the new movie, Hollyland as a backdrop.

(I have NO idea but I sure love that pin)


10:55 PM  
Anonymous Jacque said...

Is it on the sand on the beach?

10:04 AM  

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