11 June 2007


I just wanted to thank everyone for writing and saying nice things! Y'all are totally great! I tried to write back, but Blogger only includes email addresses once in a blue moon, so here's a great big sloppy virtual hug and kiss!

Today (like a total idiot!) I forgot my camera when I went down to Petaluma (I've been down there a lot lately!). My friend Carol and I stopped by Knitterly where Shelli was having a Habu trunk show! Can I just say here how much I love Habu? I actually got to talk to Takako and fondle her gorgeous wares! Usually she is so swamped at Stitches that it's impossible to talk. And she remembered me! I guess I must have drooled in her booth too many times before. ;)



Blogger Marina said...

Er, it's not really Blogger's fault though it is in a way. When folks went to the "new" Blogger, their settings were reset.

If they want their email to be known to you or anyone else whose blog they leave comments, they need to go into their "Profile" and check "show my email address".

3:07 AM  
Blogger Faith! said...

Absolutly stunning! Thanks so much for sharing.

9:26 PM  

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