21 April 2007

Saturday Smorgasbord

Edited to answer Susan's question "Great looking "fix!" Could you elaborate more on the slipped st and the cables??": The panels in between the cables were three stitches in width (of reverse stockinette) and the middle stitch was slipped every other row, something like a sock heel reinforcement. So, IOW, row 1 (right side): purl; row 2 (back side): k1, sl1, k1. Repeat. It's cool! The other Susan has had the sweater for years and years and it hasn't stretched even though it's cotton. I had never thought of doing this, but I'm going to try it! :)

It's grey and rainy here today, supposedly the last storm of the year. A perfect day to sit and knit at the lys! A group of us have started getting together every Saturday morning at A Good Yarn in Windsor to knit and chat for a bit. (10:30 if you'd like to join us!) Susan is knitting her first sweater and she's doing great! She finished the back and was concerned that it might be too long. Last weekend we held it up to her and thought she could be right. So today she brought in her favorite sweater to compare: 3 inches too long. This is her smiling (on the right) as she rips it back below the underarm bind-off:

She has a great attitude towards it all, doesn't she? And there's Carol sitting beside Susan in the flying needle action shot. She's knitting that mitered top from the latest Knitter's Magazine, Tie-dyed Boxes. It has a really interesting construction, and I love the yarn she's using. She's also wearing this gorgeous soft and fuzzy sweater she knitted. And she let me fondle her sleeve. Yum!

Dana, the amazing sock class teacher, is working on...a sock. :)

And so is Therese, who has a great new haircut that I unfortunately cut out of the picture (oops).

While we were comparing Susan's favorite purple sweater to the sweater she is knitting, she discovered a run.

So I set about to fix it. The sweater is machine knit of cotton and employs an interesting slipped stitch pattern between cables that I assume is designed to make it stretch less in length. It's a cool idea! I think I will try it on my next cotton sweater.

Here's the action shot with crochet hook:

And the mended area after I darned in the stitch along the seam.

No one could find the fix later, so I was happy! What everyone needs is little 5 minute projects for a sense of accomplishment! ;)

The day wouldn't have been complete without enabling some poor, unsuspecting customer. Last time I saw her, I gave her the laceweight alpaca bug. Today, we moved past the gateway drugs
alpaca into the hard soft and fuzzy stuff: Kidsilk Haze and
Victorian Lace Today. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She says she'll be selling all of her acrylic yarn now. My work here is done. :->

Here's the sky today, looking out over a brand new vineyard that hasn't yet been planted.

Like I said, it's grey.


Blogger lv2knit said...

Great looking "fix!" Could you elaborate more on the slipped st and the cables??

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Silvia said...

Oh my, I'd be crying too hard to fix a run in my knitting if I was that far along. Man...

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Now, this is definitely the perfect fix - looks fantastic indeed! What a wonderful time it seems you ladies are having - it's just the best to get together with like-minded girls and do a bit of knitting and chatting together, isn't it?

2:16 AM  
Blogger KWC said...

Hello there, I am a Windsor resident and enjoyed seeing some local home news. Yeah!!
Take care.Kathleen

9:13 PM  

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