02 November 2015

monday's musing

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." - William Morris

And that is so very true. In my adult life, I've worked hard to take pleasure in the small things that make up the process of every day life. This is my biggest failing: being too concentrated on the goal, and not enjoying the journey enough. When I am running around like a crazy person, I often forget that life happens every moment, and that every moment is an opportunity to learn something new, or experience something in wonder, or appreciate a small but beautiful detail. When I forget to do this, life becomes less vibrant and beautiful, and my days take on the feeling of never-ending monotony, rather than being the celebration they should be. Mindfulness and meditation are important to my inner being and to my feelings of centered-ness or not-so-centered-ness.

This morning, I was covering a button and thinking about the little details and how very important they are to the whole. So today, I will try - every moment of the day - to recenter myself with the details of daily life. I will work to feel gratitude for my good fortune, and consider each trial as an opportunity to grow stronger. And however many times I fail, I will begin again one more time.

What makes you feel centered? Do you practice mindfulness? Do you meditate? Do you have a morning ritual that prepares you for the day? I'd love to know!

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Thank you for this lovely reminder... and,*covering a button?*

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