07 March 2013

catching up a little

It's been some time since I dropped by, I know. And I am wondering when I will get it through my head that this is a crazy time every year! One of these days it will stick.

There's so much to tell: so much to share. I will start, though, by thanking everyone who came by my booth at Stitches West. Again this year, I shared with A Verb for Keeping Warm, and it's always wonderful to hang out with Kristine, Michelle and Aday (and we won prettiest booth again, thanks to Kristine's genius!). It was "interesting" to do a show with an injury:

and I remember thinking at the time that it was a totally insane idea and wondering what on Earth possessed me. Now that I'm home from Stitches and I've gotten some extra sleep, it seems like it was no big deal. I have a short memory. It's why I have two kids instead of one. ;)

Today I just want to share the pictures of everyone at dinner on Friday evening. People from my Ravelry forum came - from as far as Canada, Maryland, Mississippi, and Florida - to meet in person after talking so long online and forming bonds and friendships. (I'm not naming names because I know some people like privacy!)

The forum moderators (they are the BEST) organized an amazing event, complete with door prizes.

Here's a picture of a group of us with Gothic Tams on, along with pictures of those who love that pattern and the forum, but couldn't be there.

We ate at Pedro's, and - like last year - I had the Molé. Yum!

Friends from across country.

And from out of the country.

Knitters really are special. :)

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Blogger Michelle said...

I had to enlarge each group photo to see if I recognized anyone from their Rav photos, and the various projects they were wearing. Looks like so much fun; maybe someday I can join in!

3:08 PM  

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