26 July 2012

looking forward

I loved all your comments on my Monday post.Thank you! Wonderful food for thought, and interesting insights. Whatever the answers, we have a long way to go before we get there.

Now. Back to the frivolous fondling of fabulous yarn. I have gotten so absolutely behind - that nasty bug left me with barely half a brain and I couldn't work - that I am scrambling like a crazy person. When people tell you that it takes three weeks to get rid of this thing, believe them! My club shipment this month is delayed because of it, and I've gone from being sure I can get it out before my move next week, to just working to get it set up and not lose anything in the move. There is no room to pack my little white boxes at the moment! But this move has been so long anticipated that I can't help but be over-the-moon excited, even though everything has been thrown out of whack. (I promise finally to tell the whole story about it.) I will have my own lovely studio with tables on which to pack little white boxes! I might even have room to keep my sewing machine out. And my spinning wheels are already in residence at the new place.

The other project on my mind right now is my Year 3 eBook subscription (which is $16 through July 31). 

This year is a celebration of my beautiful new surroundings and home state, in collaboration with Jimmy Beans Wool!

I have my fall project yarn all lined up, swatched and ready for the commencement of knitting. I am entranced by the combination of autumn colors. Just look at these pop off the screen!

They're beautiful from every angle.

I had to get a little more intimate.

It's a yarny love affair.

Don't you feel like a voyeur?

The colors are so much more delectable in person, and I so wish you could squeeze them too! The gorgeous green is called Strange Harvest, and the yummy pumpkin pie colored skein is Gold Experience, both from Dream in Color. The green has touches of orange that just pop out next to the the pumpkin. I can tell they love each other deeply.

And Jimmy Bean's has them in a kit that you can pre-order in anticipation of the late August launch of the first pattern! Is that not cool? I also understand that they are cooking up a little something special, so stand by. Jimmy Bean's will have hard copy patterns, if you like that best, or you can order the entire digital subscription here for $16 through July 31st. On August 1, it will go up to $20. I can't wait for you all to see the first shawl!


Blogger Jeanne said...

So exciting that you move is finally here. You must be giddy with anticipation.! And.... I bought MY 2 skeins from Jimmy Bean's about an hour ago. Such a gorgeous autumnal combo I couldn't resist. ♥

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Kristen- Jimmy Beans Wool said...

We are SO excited to be involved! Thanks for letting us make this journey with you! :)

4:24 PM  
Blogger Finnsmydog said...

Glad you are feeling better, Romi, and Jimmy Bean's is great!

3:19 PM  
Blogger heydebbi said...

So happy for you!

I moved into my designed quilting, knitting, crafting, etc room in a new house six years ago.

I got it all, sunrises, sunsets, river views, and ROOM too. My grown kids and grand son love it here too.

Hubby got his own little house with a kitchenette, bath, office, and THREE CAR garage.

It is like we both go off to work in the morning and meet for lunch and dinner. LOL

5:38 PM  

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