10 March 2011

tap tap tap

Is this thing on? I can't believe how long it's been since I've written!

I guess I should start at the beginning, eh? When I returned from Stitches West, I had four days to get ready to fly off to Maryland and the Indie Artist Celebration at
Eleganza Yarns in Frederick. I was the featured artist. How cool is that?! I felt very very honored.

The four days were and whirlwind and off to Maryland I went! By way of Charlotte. I know! It was a long day of traveling. (But isn't this row of rocking chairs at the Charlotte airport fabulous?)
The trip, though long, was absolutely worth it. Look at this adorable little shop!

Paul, who owns Eleganza Yarns with Kristi, told me that a family used to live here, and that their ancestors come back and visit as part of a family reunion. It's a log cabin! Now, being a Californian who did not grow up around this type of history, I was completely taken by the story. The history in Frederick is just awe inspiring to me, and I was lucky that Paul is a history buff and was able to tell me all sorts of little factoids while driving around. So cool.

Here's Kristi, sorting patterns.

She doesn't like to have her picture taken, so I had to catch her unawares. (She said it was ok, though!) Isn't her hair gorgeous? I've always envied red heads.

I had two days of classes, but I only took pictures the first day in my Shapely Shawls class. I plead brain death. But I did get some good pics. Here is Brandy, who is one of the moderators on my
Ravelry forum. She's wearing Sevillano and that's Elektra and Celaeno on her chair.
She is completely and totally awesome. I just wanted to get that on record. And, apparently, so is her boyfriend. He baked these cookies for me! And they're my very very favorite: oatmeal/chocolate chip. Let's just say that, although I knew Brandy was fabulous, I did not know the extent of her fabulosity.

Here's Brandy with Cindy from my forum. Note the gorgeous
Brandywine that Cindy is sporting! I got to knit a row on Cindy's Rayonnant sweater. Is that not cool?!

And while we're talking about Brandywine...today's donation brings me to $17,000 total donated to Doctors without Borders! Thank you knitters!!!

Here's a snap of everyone concentrating. (I've only given names where I am pretty sure people don't mind having them splashed around on my blog - from here on out, name tags are blurred if need be and names are not mentioned.)

Note the lovely Celaeno! It's so much fun seeing these in person after admiring them on Ravelry!

My class was filled with wonderful and friendly people.

I loved the way people were helping each other and we all had a great dialogue going on. I think this is my favorite class to teach! I so enjoy the different shapes that are possible with shawls; it's one of the most interesting things about designing them.

Tomorrow: pics of the yarnz and the celebration! (I really do mean it; I'm going to blog tomorrow too!) :)

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Blogger Jeanne said...

What a wonderful blog to wake up to :-) More More! We miss them.

Waving hi to my awesome co-moderator Brandy! You looked mahvelous dahling :-)

5:09 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Wow...last time I was at the Charlotte airport, there weren't rocking chairs. I remember using my purse as a pillow and sleeping on the floor during my layover. Your trip looks like such fun. Can't wait to see more pictures! :-)

6:35 AM  
Blogger Lisa E said...

The rocking chairs are one of the reasons CLT is high on my list of favorite airports. :) They've been there for years, and it seems very appropriate to me after I lived in the area for a couple decades.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Patricia Blankenship said...

My husband and I enjoyed lunch in the food court and a rocked away some traveling stress several years ago at that airport while waiting for a connecting flight to D.C.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Carol in NoVa said...

You need to come to fibre space

2:48 PM  

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