29 September 2010

Coming soon!

The second sign up period for my Pins & Lace Club is approaching!
On Friday, October 1 at 12 noon PST another 50 slots will open up for my 2011 club! There are quite a few options available to you, so I'm copying them below for your perusal. :) This time, I'm getting more organized! Shipments will be January, April, July and October 15, 2011. The two shipment options will run consecutively, so there may be some half year club memberships open mid year, but perhaps not!

Pin/pattern a la carte:

Copper pin/pattern: 2 shpmnts $80.00
Nickel pin/pattern: 2 shpmnts $85.00
Sterling pin/pattern: 2 shpmnts $108.00
Copper pin/pattern: 4 shpmnts $152.00
Nickel pin/pattern: 4 shpmnts $160.00
Sterling pin/pattern: 4 shpmnts $200.00

Add yarn:

Silk, 4 shpmnts $190.00
Alpaca, 4 shpmnts $115.00
Merino, 4 shpmnts $100.00
Silk, 2 shpmnts $95.00
Alpaca, 2 shpmnts $58.00
Merino, 2 shpmnts $50.00

OR leave the choices to me! Romi’s choice of yarns, colors and metals. Two shipment option includes 1 silk/sterling and 1 merino/nickel (second half year - on sale April 2011: $140). Four shipment option adds 1 merino/copper and 1 alpaca/nickel:

Pin, pattern and yarn: 2 shpmnts $170.00
Pin, pattern and yarn: 4 shpmnts $300.00

Add international ground shipping (ground shipping to US and Canada are already included in club price):

pin/pattern option - 2 shpmnts $8.00
pin/pattern option - 4 shpmnts $16.00
pin/pattern/yarn option - 2 shpmnts $13.00
pin/pattern/yarn option - 4 shpmnts $26.00

Add priority mail shipping (ground shipping to US and Canada are already included in club price). Includes options for international priority mail:

US - 2 shpmnts $8.00
Canada - 2 shpmnts $20.00
Other Countries - 2 shpmnts $24.00
US - 4 shpmnts $16.00
Canada - 4 shpmnts $40.00
Other Countries - 4 shpmnts $48.00

You can also put together options, such as two months of copper pin/pattern and two months of nickel pin/pattern plus yarn. :)

Here are two patterns from the current year's club. Ice Blossoms:

and Fiori di Sole:

with pin:

Hope to see you all in my club next year!!! :D



Blogger Jamie/Moira said...

One of the shipments is on my birthday!

Good thing I signed up. Double Gift Whammy for husband points (This was his anniversary gift to me this year 2010)

Jamie Lea

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this is waaay out of my league, skill-wise, but want to tell you that those patterns are incredibly lovely!

Oh my gosh! Such exquisite knitting!

3:42 PM  

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