03 March 2010

Olympic knitting FAIL

I'm currently freaking out a little trying to finish a secret project, so I will attempt to distract you with pretty pictures of a little crocheted scarf necklace I did for Inside Crochet last spring.
It's made from Habu's silk and stainless steel yarn, which is a ton of fun to work with!
Did it work?

No? Didn't think so.

The secret project I'm working on? It was supposed to be finished before I went off to Stitches West, so this week, I could start on the other secret project that is due one week after the first secret project. Heh. Secret Project #1 was my Olympic knitting project. It still isn't finished. Fail! Secret Project #2 isn't past the swatching stage. :whimper: I may be a little scarce in the next week or so. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot Secret Projects #3 and #4. Ulp.

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Blogger Rudee said...

You keep a good secret, Romi.

Now get knitting!

9:09 PM  
Anonymous SockPixie said...

Now I want to know!

5:07 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Romi- Deadlines can be murder. Get it?

5:39 AM  

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