07 October 2009

Pins & Lace Club FAQs

I'm getting pretty excited about the response so far on my 2010 Pins & Lace Club! Many thanks to all of you who have joined and written to ask about the club. This club is a bit of a different animal. There are many options for you to choose, and you can build your own club as far as yarn (or lack thereof) choices and metal choices.

I've gotten quite a few questions, so I'm going to try to answer everything!

What is the skill level of the patterns?
The pattens will require intermediate lace knitting skills. If you have knit my designs Muir, Liquid Silver, Waves of Grain and Bluebird, you will be fine!

What if I want only the pin and pattern and want to knit from stash?
The club has a pin and pattern only option, and you can choose the type of metal you would like.

My budget is really tight, but I still want to participate. Can I do fewer than four shipments?
Yes! There is also a two shipment option. You have all the same options available to you, but just for two shipments: January and July.

I'm allergic to nickel. Can I get two shipments of copper and two shipments of sterling pins
Yes! Just choose two of the two shipment pin/pattern options to make up your own 4 shipment club.

I'm allergic to wool and alpaca. Do you have a yarn choice that I can wear?
There is a silk only option!

Warm (cool) colors look terrible on me! How can I make sure that I will like the color choices?
You can choose either a warm or a cool color option! I am very sensitive to this, myself, since cool colors look awful on me.

There are too many choices! Can't I just sign up for two or four shipments and have you choose everything?
You betcha. :) I also have a "Romi's Choice" option available in two or four shipments. The two shipment option includes 1 silk/sterling and 1 merino/nickel. The four shipment option adds 1 alpaca/copper and 1 alpaca/nickel.

Is shipping included?
Ground shipping to the US and Canada is included in the club price. If you would like to add priority mail shipping, you may select that option in the shipping pull-down menu on the lace club page. International shipping is extra, but not that much more! You can also select your preferred method in the international shipping pull down-menu when ordering.

Will your patterns be in pdf format? I like to have them so I can print a copy to mark up.

Will your patterns be written out as well as charted?

I just wanted to add that Pins & Lace Club sign-ups go through December 15th, 2009 and if you sign up before November 1st, you will receive some extra holiday cheer.

I hope I have answered everything! If not, please ask away. :)



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