18 October 2006


Angels, that is! Those of you living in the SF Bay Area may recall that the Blue Angels came for Fleet Week the weekend of Oct 7, 8. Heh. Better late posting here than never, eh? :)

It was a fine and gorgeous fog-free day on the Marina Green and I caught this shot of the Blue Angels as they flew overhead:

And here's a local flight of B1-RD Pelicans on a fly-by. I think they need to tighten up a little, yes?

Everyone applauded as they went by. Hee.

And here's my orange mindless knitting for Blue Angel day. I always try to keep a project going that doesn't require me to pay any attention. :) This is a semi cropped sweater from a sale pamphlet I scored at my lys (whose website, though minimal, is up! Woooo!). Particulars on the mindless knitting to come!

Hmmmmmm. I think I see an orange theme developing here, says the woman who once knit five green sweaters in a row without realizing it. Pathetic, no? *sigh*

And with that, I am back to work! Tune in next time!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love green and orange, too. Great shot of the Angels! Looking forward to seeing what that mindless knitting sweater looks like!

2:24 PM  
Blogger Becka said...

LOL, I always seem to buy the same colors of yarn! I don't notice it, either..we likes what we likes!
I love to watch the Blue Angels.
LOL, I pulled my bike in front of the computer today, after I posted and rode and watched photoshop turorials...how sad is that?!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, awesome! We caught the tail end of their performance as we were coming out of a funeral banquet in Chinatown. Um. Okay, that might be too much information. :-) Anyway, even the small bit that we saw was amazing. Thanks for the fantastic pictures!

6:46 PM  
Blogger AR said...

The Blue Angels come here in July for the National Cherry Festival. I love orange, and your mindless knitting sweater looks great.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's nothing pathetic about knitting with colours you love.

1:15 PM  

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