07 July 2014

monday's musing

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.” - Tom Krause

I know I have said this before...but perhaps not enough times. I can't thank everyone enough for being so kind and patient while I am working through my book project. I know it has disrupted everything.

When the opportunity came up, I almost passed it up. I knew it could/would throw all of my other projects off, and that you all could just end up disappointed in me, and angry. I already knew the book process, and that I would likely end up dropping off the edge of the Earth, not to be heard from for months. But I looked at the quote above, and decided that courage was in order. Sometimes, you just have to put your big girl panties on, and that's what I worked on. Because really, it was an opportunity not to be passed up: an exciting, stressful, amazing thing to become involved in. And I hope that - when all is said and done - you will love the projects as much as I do.

To those who have written kind and encouraging notes and comments: thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. You mean the world to me, and I cherish each and every note you have written. I take them out and read them over and over when I am feeling super stressed. To those who have voiced your annoyance: I will endeavor - in future - to be worthy once more of your expectations. To all of you: I will make it up to you with something special.

Meanwhile, though I am often at a loss for words, I've been posting photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It makes me feel more connected to all of you. I hope you enjoy them!

Many thanks again to everyone, especially the fantastic moderators who nurture the incredible community of wonderful people in my Ravelry forum. I am missing you all big time. I will be back soon and catching up on everything!